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Learning About OD Synergy, Strategic Organizational Development/HR Consulting Firm in Africa...
Providing insightful organizational development services, solutions and ideas you can count on to sustain your business as a high performance organization.

OD Synergy, strategic Human Resources (HR) and organizational development consultants based in Lagos, Nigeria, offers imaginative and insightful total organization development consulting and organizational behavior solutions and information to businesses such as yours for sustainable high performance. Want to know what makes it possible for us to offer you total organization development solutions and systems for creating high performance organization, fostering effective organizational synergy, and building organizational leadership and commitment for strategic advantage in your business? ...

What OD Synergy Team Offers You for Total Organization Development

OD Synergy Team has the technical competence and professional experience to effectively help you in sustainable organizational development. We bring you technical depth on total organization development and imaginative and professional acuity to help create high performance organizational systems in effective synergy with your people's actualizing attributes. This enables you transform your business and organizational systems for ultimate high performance and corporate excellence.

Dr. Dele Akin-Ogundeji, a strategic human resources and organizational development consultant based in Lagos, Nigeria (Africa), leads OD Synergy.

The strategic mix of line management and top level organizational development consulting experience of our team members—spanning an average of 15 years in strategic HR and organizational development consulting in Africa with top management engagement in multinational and diverse organizations and businesses—enables us to effectively and efficiently understand and satisfy the operational and strategic needs of organizations such as yours. We are able to quickly gain insight on the strategic and operational situations of organizations.

The focus of total organization development is to help businesses such as yours integrate and align their human, managerial and organizational systems for ultimate high performance in a fast changing business environment, using the power of synergy. We have the cerebral and technical depth to explore and collaborate with your organization to develop specific solutions and options that address its unique situation. At the same time we focus on fostering effective synergy of personal and corporate excellence.

Some of our members have consulted for, and within, leading organizations in the African region. We have associates outside Africa who partner with us for total organization development in client organizations.

Our consultants have considerable consulting and line management experience in:

  • human resource systems review and development — including performance management and talent management systems,
  • human resource management and development,
  • organizational analysis, organizational design and redesign,
  • team building,
  • organizational culture building, and
  • change management.

We subscribe to five core values which define what we do, how we do things, and the nature of our relationships with clients and partners.

Taking Action!

You can learn more about total organizational development consulting and total organizational behavior services and solutions for creating high performance organization sustainably by visiting total organizational development consulting. To make the first step towards total organization development for creating high performance organization, email OD Synergy or use the OD Synergy feedback form to contact us.

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