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Contact Strategic Human Resources/Organizational Development Consultants in Africa, OD Synergy...
Offering you Total Organizational Development Consulting and Solutions creating high performance organizations

OD Synergy, strategic human resources and organizational development consulting firm in Africa, offers you insightful organizational development solutions and total organizational development consulting for sustainable high performance.

Remember Key Organizational Development Principle!

...Synergy powers total organization development!

Your organization can achieve total organization development for sustainable high performance through effective synergy of your people's actualizing attributes and optimized organizational facets and processes. We help you use this key to develop your organizational, business and Human Resources systems and processes in support of your strategic mission for ultimate organizational success. This is critical to creating high performance organization sustainably in your business.

Contacting Us for Insightful Organizational Development Ideas and Solutions

Why contact OD Synergy?...

Apart from getting insightful, total organizational development ideas and benefiting from our total organizational development solutions and services, your observations, comments or feedback on ODSynergy.com will be appreciated so that the site can better serve you and others.

You may choose to contact us using the most appropriate of our contact addresses shown below.

OD Synergy Contact Information

Telephone: 234-1-791 8009, 234-803 320 6075, 234-802 756 6022

Physical Address: OD Synergy Ltd, The Poise Center, 1 Task Force Shops, By Elphy Hospital, Task Force Road, PPL Bus Stop, PPL, Okokomaiko, Lagos, Nigeria

Postal Address: OD Synergy Ltd, P. O. Box 1715, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

Email Addresses:
1. Inquiry/General information: info@odsynergy.com
2. Payment- for products/services: sales@odsynergy.com

General Comments/Feedback: Please, use the OD Synergy feedback form.

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