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FAQs on Total Organization Development...
Organizational Development Consulting, System and Solutions Sustaining High Performance

Giving you brief and direct answers to key questions about organizational development consulting and organizational development solutions for sustainable high performance.

What is organizational development synergy consulting all about?

Organizational development synergy consulting, or total organizational development consulting, engaged in by OD Synergy Ltd based in Nigeria, is about fostering the effective synergy of your people's actualizing attributes and excellence of your organizational systems for ultimate high performance. This is the heart of sustainable organizational transformation, leadership and change.

OD Synergy Ltd provides insightful organizational development solutions,models, tools, and services for total organization development, which is effective organizational poise that creates and sustains high performance and organizational leadership in businesses.

What is total organization development?

Total organization development is an action research process, rooted in behavioral sciences, to optimally facilitate and build people's actualizing attributes in alignment with key integrating, organizational systems and facets for sustainable high performance. It focuses on fostering effective synergy that transforms your HR and organizational systems and processes for ultimate high performance.

Total organization development helps your people and your integrating systems to be at their best and operate with effective synergy for high performance. It positions your people and integrating or organizational systems and processes for commitment to corporate excellence and ultimate high performance. In a nutshell, total organization development is about sustainable organizational development and organizational development consulting and solutions.

What is unique in the process of total organization development?

Total organization development takes place in two broad phases. Traditionally, organizational development focuses on optimizing or transforming organizational and integrating systems and processes. This is what OD Synergy team sees as the first phase of total organization development.

However, for sustainable high performance in organizations, effective synergy must be built within and across all organizational facets, systems and sub-systems. Much of this will involve facilitating excellence in people and people's attributes. This is the second phase in total organization development and it is the heart of OD synergy. Upon development of the organizational systems and processes during the first phase, effective synergy of people's actualizing attributes and the integrating systems and processes is facilitated for commitment to sustainable high performance during this second phase.

What is the framework for total organization development?

The framework for total organization development is the five-phase FEDAR™ system . This is integrated with a versatile model for real-time integration of people's actualizing attributes with commitment to corporate excellence, called TOP-TECH™.

Why use total organizational development model?

Total organizational development has to do with promoting the synergy of your organizational and people's systems, subsystems, processes, interface and facets for lasting high performance. This will involve the use of robust organizational development technology and tools aligned with total organizational development framework. Learning more about the total organizational development model would give you further insight on how this transformation process works. Click, total organizational development model.

What is 'total poise' in an organization?

Total poise in an organization is obtained when all the key people and systems of the organization are nurtured, empowered, aligned and positioned to be the best they could be in order to give the best they could give. We see 'total poise' as the key driving force for high performance in organizations. Our associate web site, betterpoise.com, addresses total poise in individuals to keep them on top of their world and attain sustainable self-fulfilment.

What is 'OD synergy'?

Used holistically, the term 'OD Synergy' refers to total organization development involving the integration and engineering work of using total poise formula to transform your HR and organizational systems and processes for commitment to sustainable high performance.

Why is OD synergy important?

At the heart of OD synergy is the inevitable realization that if your organization will position itself for sustainable high performance, there should be effective synergy of its people's actualizing attributes and excellence in facets of its organizational systems and processes. Furthermore, as business becomes more and more a matter of defining an organization’s mission and marshalling commitment to that mission so will the synergy of personal and organizational excellence be for sustainable high performance. See high performance organization design .

What is organizational synergy?

Organizational synergy is obtained when your people's attributes, people systems, and organizational systems and processes are optimized and integrated such that they function sustainably for ultimate high performance. Organizational synergy is linked with the concept of 'total poise' .

What is the relationship between OD synergy and organizational synergy?

OD synergy is the ultimate process in total organization development which results in effective organizational synergy. In other words, OD synergy is the imaginative process for achieving effective organizational synergy for your business.

The end result of OD synergy is effective organizational synergy which helps your business to be and remain a high performance organization.

OD synergy services help you in total organization development, through fostering effective synergy of people's actualizing attributes (attributes of personal excellence) and excellence of your integrating and organizational systems and processes so that your business is poised for sustainable high performance.

What tools do you use to foster effective organizational synergy?

OD Synergy Ltd has and employs versatile tools in total organization development to foster organization synergy for your business ultimate high performance. These are referred to as OD Synergy tools .

What are OD Synergy Workshops™

OD Synergy Workshops™ are structured performance management workshops. They are specialized, in-house workshops, forums, roundtables and exercises where your people explore sound, insightful, and imaginative principles and approaches to foster effective synergy of personal and organizational excellence for sustainable high performance. At each of the OD Synergy Workshops™, your people learn and to apply the principles and models that drive people’s actualizing attributes in synergy with integrating organizational attributes for sustainable high performance.

When your people are at their best and the organizational dynamics and systems are well honed and streamlined, your organization gets to a level where it can attain better results that last. A reason why your business should organize OD Synergy Workshops™. Check how OD Synergy Workshops work, click how od synergy workshops work .

How can I develop the internal capacity for sustainable organizational development and change in my business?

The Organizational Development Capacity Building service shows what you could do regarding developing internal capacity for sustainable organizational development and change effectively, efficiently, and imaginatively resulting to sustain high performance in your business. Click, Organizational Development Capacity Building.

What strategic partnerships are available for total organizational development?

Independent human resources and organizational development consultants who embrace organizational development consulting values , outlook and technology fostering effective organizational synergy and poise would benefit from the total organizational development system for sustainable high performance in client organizations. Click Partnerships for exploratory overview. You may also submit relevant web sites on organizational development, leadership and change. We also look out for strategic alliances with reputable professional associations and institutions in the field of HR and Organizational Development.

Any Questions on OD Synergy?s

We welcome your questions on OD Synergy, organizational development consulting for sustainable high performance, total organization development and ODsynergy.com. Submit your questions using the information/feedback form or email info@odsynergy.com .

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