Human Capital Performance Management Insights
Optimizing People's Actualizing Attributes and Commitment to a High-Performance Organization

Adopting High-Performance Organizational Development Process Technology

The integrated organizational development framework we adopt, the total organization develoopment framework, incorporates the total organizational poise concept and a high-performance organizational development process technology—both of which are important to facilitating structured high-performance workshops for human capital performance and internal organizational development.

The organizational development process technology—TOP-TECH™ for creating and sustaining organizational leadership and transformation, could be used for fostering stakeholders' commitment to organizational transformation or intervention programs. This is a real-time, business-focused and instrumental interactive process technology that could be used for planning and implementing special and targeted organizational development workouts, depending on the type of organization intervention—for example, in respects of organization design, change management, culture building, team building, human capital management systems development, and organizational review.

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Using Structured Workshops to facilitate high-performance internal organizational development

Structured Human Capital Performance Management Workouts

Adopting the Total Organizational Poise Concept is Key

It would take high-performing people working in high-performance organizations to sustain transformational change and organizational leadership.

Internal organizational development specialists—who are passionate about achieving sustainable desired results—should understand and appreciate the use of the total organizational poise concept. The total organizational poise concept—which underpins the organizational development high-performance framework, model and process technology—is that: Critical to building and sustaining high-performance organizations, cultures and transformation, all actualizing attributes of the people and aspects of the systems, processes, and structures of the organization that have functional interdependencies should be in top condition, and they should operate and interact optimally and harmoniously.

Total Poise Imperative in Internal Organizational Development

Facilitating total organization poise and organizational development interventions for susianable desired results, involves keeping all organizational systems and key aspects of human capital such as attitudes, attributes, competencies, and behaviors in top condition—so that they could harmoniously function interdependently and with effective organizational synergy. This translates to fostering people's actualizing attributes—in synergy with excellent organizational attributes—to sustain the organization's vision of organizational leadership, high-performance and transformation.

Operationally, the total organization poise concept emphasizes optimizing people's actualizing attributes and fostering their commitment to transformational change in a high-performing organnization. This is the focus of the structured human capital performance management workouts, which we called OD Synergy Workouts™ or OD Synergy Workshops™—which should be done simultaneously with each organization intervention program of an organization.

These workouts offer the opportunity for internal organizational development specialists and practitioners, and key stakeholders—working in collaboration—to simultaneously facilitate excellence in the organization's people and in organizational systems for sustainable high-performance.

Fostering interactive and reflexive engagement

Poise Facilitation Sessions Creating Organizational Commitment

Our recommended approach to organizing OD Synergy Workshops™ or structured workouts, incorporates having group facilitation sessions, called 'poise sessions', during each OD Synergy Workshop™.

The 'Poise Sessions' which are interactive and reflexive are
designed exclusively to foster meaningful interaction among the organization's people and focus them
on developing a unified vision of the organization's future, and commit to it.

The overall thrust is the facilitation of high organizational commitment.

For example, during a group facilitation session in any OD Synergy Workshop™, issues such as the following should be reflected upon and worked through:
1. Is the organization currently prepared—by key interrelated systems or actualizing attributes—to meet today’s business demands and future business challenges? What is being done to secure the future of the organization in business?
2. Are the organizational systems or attributes and people correctly positioned along the same strategic or corporate objectives—or ultimate vision of excellence?
3. What organizational attributes and factors are critical to achieving sustainable high organizational performance given the organization's strategic situation? How are they fostered in the organization?
4. Given, or in the context of, the specific theme of the OD Synergy Workshop™, what personal excellence attributes and corporate excellence elements need be integrated for a specific organizational transformation objective or the vision of tomorrow?

Sustaining organizational commitment to change and high-performance

Poise Facilitation Sessions Creating Organizational Commitment—2

There could be the development and use of a ‘commitment-to-excellence’ or 'high-performance' contract—which each participant develops and endeavors to achieve using key performance management principles—over a specified period of time, say within a 3-year cycle.

Commitment to change travels a two-way street—from your people to the organization, and from the organization, i.e. as represented in the executuve leaderhip, to those below. Want to know more about this? Want to learn more about the importance of the 'Commitment Factor' to organizational performance? Download
Commitment Factor

Developing your people's skills and competencies, and organizational commitment

Benefits of Organizational Development Synergy Workshops

The benefits of OD Synergy Workshops™ include:

  1. Enhancing your people's commitment to your organization's missions and strategies.
  2. Fostering greater understanding of how key organizational systems work and how to make them work better.
  3. Developing your people's skills and competencies on the themes covered in the programs—an improvement or developmental process.
  4. Enhancing trust and confidence in collaborative efforts to handle business challenges and opportunities.
  5. Promoting smoother running of your organization.

Overall, OD Synergy Workshops™ would position the key people of your organization to attain sustainable high performance through being the best—while operating excellent organizational systems to give the best in the overall strategic and competitive interest of your business.

Proactive collaboration and productive engagement

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