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OD Synergy Resource Center... Resource Center For Sustainable Organizational Development and Change

OD Synergy Resource Center for sustainable organizational development links you to organizational development solutions and resources. It gives you insightful ideas and handy information for creating high performance organization.

OD Synergy Resource Center features useful total organizational development resources including books, inventories, white papers, guides, reports, notes, and briefs towards total/sustainable organizational development, organizational leadership and performance, and creating high performance organizations. Explore the resources featured here! For free organizational development and performance articles, visit sustaining organizational development articles.

OD Synergy Books and Guides

The Self-Leadership for High Performance Guide (PDF) helps you promote better and more fulfilled high performance people in your organization.

One of the most difficult challenges facing organizations today is the ability to manage sustainable high performance effectively and imaginatively.

You can deal with this challenge by fostering self-motivated people with self-leadership skills through out your business !

The Self-Leadership for High Performance Guide is an effective business-wide tool you can use for self-motivated, self-managed high performance among your people. Read more.

Price:U.S. $2.5

To buy 'The Self-Leadership for High-Performance Guide' (PDF), click, Self-Leadership for High Performance Guide.

OD Synergy Digest

OD Synergy Digest , gives you briefs on round tables, forums, trends and updates on topical issues and best practices, processes and systems in organization synergy and sustainable organization development. It also focuses on key concepts, models, technologies and practices that promote synergy of personal and corporate excellence or total organization poise (TOP) development.

The OD Synergy Digest, The Ultimate Corporate Mission and How to Achieve It' discusses two key questions:
o What is the ultimate corporate mission?
o What is the ultimate key to achieving it?

It posits that 'unless there is a focused and painstaking effort to achieve the synergy of personal and corporate excellence, organizations often experience difficulties, if not frustrations.'

Price: U.S. $3.5

To buy OD Synergy Digest, 'The Ultimate Corporate Mission', click, The Ultimate Corporate Mission Digest.

White Papers

White Paper on 'Taming Corporate Frauds from the Root'

The focus of the white paper is the financial integrity of organizations. "Corporate fraud'' is conceptualized as 'fraud perpetrated against/within an organization by employees, management or some other stakeholders.' The white paper adopts behavioral perspectives on understanding and taming corporate frauds. Key programmatic actions which top management should undertake to tame corporate frauds are discussed. (PDF)

Read brief on the white paper.

Price:U.S. $5.0

To buy the white paper, 'Taming Corporate Frauds from the Root', click, Taming Corporate Frauds from the Root White Paper.

OD Synergy Notes

The Commitment Factor

At the heart of sustainable high performance in organizations is this truism: People give their best to a cause when they are committed to it. This is the commitment factor in operation, and no human systems can attain sustainable breakthrough performance or excellence without it. Your organization will advance further in the direction of ultimate high performance with the Commitment Factor.

The ‘Commitment Factor’ operates in your organization when your people, spontaneously and consistently plan collaboratively, engage themselves creatively, support each other to achieve targets, and work cooperatively to sustain high performance.

Five primary conditions which underpin ‘the commitment factor’ are explored in the note, 'The Commitment Factor'.

To buy 'The Commitment Factor' (Price: U.S. $2.00), click, The Commitment Factor.

OD Synergy Checklists and Inventories

Inventories help you in specific diagnosis and analysis towards total organization development and change intervention in your business. Checklists keep you on track for total organization development.

Consider how 'Analyze Your Teamwork for success! Inventory can help you in your team intervention effort.

Analyze Your Teamwork for Success Inventory

The productive and sure way to sustainable high performance in teams is objective, focused, and consistent review of team quality and teamwork. ‘Analyze Your Teamwork for Success!’ inventory helps you in the fundamental analysis of teamwork in your business..

Analyze Your Teamwork for Success! comes in two complementary parts:

Part 1, called Teamwork Fundamentals (in PDF), covers teamwork fundamentals and team optimization exercises. The blueprint provides each team member the basic knowledge on the essence of high team performance as well as what he or she should be doing for ultimate team success.

Part 2, called Teamwork Inventory (in PDF), has two primary sections, helping your teams to analyze teamwork and develop a sense of commitment on team development for high performance.

A Leader Guide (in PDF) for facilitating the analysis of teamwork is also included.

Price: $8.0

To buy 'Analyze Your Teamwork for Success' (Zipped folder), click, Analyze Your Teamwork for Success!.

Enjoy The Forum On Creating High Performance Organizations

Enjoy handy organizational development and effectiveness tips at the ODSynergy.com forum on creating high performance organizations. Explore and enjoy organizational effectiveness forum posts. Share lessons of experience and contribute to the insightful posts and discussion for sustaining organizational development and creating high performance organizations in your business. Click, forum on creating high performance organizations and organizational effectiveness.


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OD Synergy Brief

Get an insightful brief facilitating organizational commitment. Click, OD Synergy Digest.

The Self-Leadership for High Performance Guide (PDF) helps you promote better and more fulfilled high performance people in your organization. Click, Self Leadership for High Performance to learn more!

Gain behavioral insight on taming corporate frauds from the root to advance organizational effectiveness, financial fidelity and ethical corporate governance in your busines.To learn more, click, Taming Corporate Frauds from the Root White Paper to learn more. To order, click get Taming Corporate Frauds from the Root White Paper (US $5.0).

Fundamental teamwork analysis is critical to sustainable high performance in teams. Learn how using the fundamental teamwork inventory, Analyze Your Teamwork for Success, helps you in this critical process. To order, click Analyze Your Teamwork for Success! (US $8.00, zipped folder download).

Using organizational synergy principles to drive your intervention or transformation programs ensures ultimate success. Learn more! Click OD Synergy Principles.






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