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High Performance Organization Tips and Briefs
High Organizational Performance Tips and Notes...
OD Synergy Digest and Notes on Total Organization Development

OD Synergy Digest and Notes offer you insightful total organizational development tips, briefs and notes for creating high performance organization, fostering effective organizational synergy and sustaining high organizational performance.

Uniqueness of OD Synergy Digest for High Organizational Performance

Each OD Synergy Digest is an executive brief or update on trends/aspects of Organizational Development best practices, systems and processes in total organization development, effective organizational synergy, organizational commitment or high performance organization.

We position each OD Synergy Digest as a tool to facilitate total poise development in your organization. You get practical information and insight on total organization development solutions for organizational transformation and high performance.

OD Synergy Digest derives from our total organization development paradigm which adopts a holistic view of high performance organization as that in which actualizing people's attributes are developed in alignment with key integrating organizational systems and facets. Various elements that contribute to the total organizational poise formula or model are covered.

OD Synergy Digest focuses on key concepts, models, technologies and practices that promote aspects of effective synergy of personal and corporate excellence or total organizational poise (TOP) development. You will find OD Synergy Digest an insightful tool to facilitate commitment to organizational synergy and poise in your business.

Themes of OD Synergy Digest

Three primary themes are covered by each OD Synergy Digest from the following:
1. ‘First Principles’, focuses on a key aspect, concept or model of facilitating personal and corporate excellence,
2. 'Total Organizational Poise (TOP) Opinion Survey/ Feedback'
3. Update on OD Practice
4. OD Synergy System Review
5. 'Mini Case Study' or 'Project Report/Survey', provides useful insight regarding poise in organizations or challenges of sustainable high performance in organizations
6. 'Personal Poise', provides useful tips on an aspect of personal effectiveness.
7. 'Enhancing Your TOP Quotient', provides useful insight or tips on an aspect of total organization development for corporate effectiveness.

Key Benefits of OD Synergy Digest

• The executives, management and staff members of your organization get handy tips and information on models and tools they can readily apply in attaining personal excellence and sustainable high performance.
• Your organization receives useful information on relevant and beneficial practices and systems in the arena of strategic organization development and sustainable high performance.
• It offers a forum for internal human resources and organization development facilitators to consider strategic questions on sustainable high performance, human resources, and organization development periodically.


U.S. $3.50 (for each OD Synergy Digest)

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The Ultimate Corporate Mission and How to Achieve It

This OD Synergy Digest explores two key questions:
o What is the ultimate corporate mission?
o What is the ultimate key to achieving it?
• The ‘Mini Case’ section shows how a structural barrier mitigated organizational poise in an African agency.
• The ‘Enhancing Your TOP Quotient Section’ provides handy tips on championing change.

It posits that 'unless there is a focused and painstaking effort to achieve the synergy of personal and corporate excellence, organizations often experience difficulties, if not frustrations.'

Price: U.S. $3.5

To buy OD Synergy Digest, 'The Ultimate Corporate Mission', click, The Ultimate Corporate Mission Digest.

OD Synergy Notes

OD Synergy notes are imaginative hints or long article on aspects of total organization development. Consider the OD Synergy note on 'The Commitment Factor'

The Commitment Factor

Would you like your people to rally behind a vision of corporate excellence? Would you like your people to give their best to your organization? Would you like to see an enhanced level of financial fidelity in your organization?

In order to achieve any of the above or similar ones, use 'the commitment factor’.

At the heart of sustainable high performance in organizations is this truism: People give their best to a cause when they are committed to it. This is the commitment factor in operation, and no human systems can attain sustainable breakthrough performance or excellence without it. Your organization will advance further in the direction of ultimate high performance with the Commitment Factor.

The ‘Commitment Factor’ operates in your organization when your people, spontaneously and consistently plan collaboratively, communicate honestly, engage themselves creatively, support each other to achieve targets, and work cooperatively to sustain high performance.

Five primary conditions which underpin ‘the commitment factor’ are explored in the note,'The Commitment Factor.'

To buy 'The Commitment Factor' (Price: U.S. $2.00), click, The Commitment Factor.


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