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OD Synergy Forum on Sustainable Organizational Development for High Performance and Organizational Excellence

Use the organizational development forum presented at ODSynergy.com to share your opinions, ideas, and observations on issues relevant to total organization development for sustainable high performance and corporate excellence. You may pose relevant questions on total organization development for sustainable high performance for discussion and comment on issues addressed on ODSynergy.com.

Read other users' views and comments on creating high performance organization, organizational redesign, change management for strategic results, team building, HR systems review, corporate culture building, creating organizational effectiveness, structured workshops for performance management, and sustainable organizational development consulting! Let us hear from you.


Self Leadership at Work for Career Advancement

Demonstrating self leadership on your job and in your work environment will boost your career and advance your personal success. You can get helpful information specific to self leadership for high performance in the work environment and for career advancement by clicking Self Leadership for High Performance.


Key to Effective Organizational Development Intervention

If you want your next organizational transformation project to have the meaningful impact you desire, use this key: Imaginatively foster your people's actualizing attributes in effective synergy with excellence of your organizational processes and systems.

Use this key to achieve organizational transformation for long-term business success! The ultimate corporate challenge for long-run success and growth in your business is to develop the total organization in effective synergy and alignment with your people's actualizing attributes.

This is the domain and essence of total organizational development. It is also the cornerstone of sustaining high performance in your business. It means creating organizational poise and effective organizational synergy.

It means promoting total organizational poise development in your business, through creating excellence of organizational and people's conditions and attributes with effective organizational synergy for sustainable high performance. To take up this this key transformational challenge facing businesses such as yours in a turbulent business environment, when you are planning your next organizational development intervention program ask yourself such questions as the following:

In undertaking the organizational development intervention which model or framework should I use? How do I arrive at clearly specified, well understood organizational development principles to drive the organizational development program? How do I ensure that such principles are based on criteria sustaining high performance? How do I gain the commitment of key people and focus strategically on specific burning issues?

Think of what you would achieve in 6-8 months of the formal conclusion of the organizational transformation project as well as the direction of the organizational transformation project thereafter.

You would also be thinking on using a robust, yet versatile, organizational development technology and process.

Did you know the fundamental parameters for designing an effective organizational structure? Click organizational structure fundamentals.

Read Forum Contributions on Sustainable Organizational Development and Total Organizational Development Solutions

Read, and feel free to send in your comments on any of the following contributions on creating high performance organization, change management, creating effective organizational synergy, and total organization development solutions and ideas.

Feedback on Article: Power Your Business for Ultimate Success...

Great to be one of your group members. I share a lot of the lines written here. Thanks a lot for this thoughtful asset...
Ric, August 12, 2008

OD Questions Answered

In this new section, we will be sharing a few of the most recent questions asked by users of ODSynergy.com here. However, we suggest you use the total organizational development forum for sustainable high performance to share your ideas and questions on sustainable Organizational development for high performance. The total organizational development forum for sustainable high performance provides you the best available interactive platform on total organization development.

On Funding OD Efforts

Hi. I'm heading OD in my organisation and found this website very useful and resourceful as a reference point for learning. One of the major challenges that we face is financial sustainability for the OD functions, since the donors do not give financial support to OD per se. They are mostly supporting programs as a whole. My question is that what is the best way to raise funds for OD and how to sustain the functions? Please do share some advice. Thanks and Regards
Z.R., Pakistan (Nov. 1, 2011)

Dear Z. R.,
Thank you for using ODSynergy.com.

The primary way to get financial support for an OD effort is to demonstrate to donors the practical advantages a specific OD effort has in the long-term success of the program they are supporting.

Look for specific areas a particular OD effort is integrated to current program goals and show this to the program managers in practical terms. Begin by conducting a self-assessment review with them and through a data feedback approach show gaps and inadequacies which can be effectively and efficiently addressed by specific OD efforts.

Essentially, you get donor support when program line managers buy in into an OD effort, seeing its synergy with overall, long-term program success.

Dr. O. Akin-Ogundeji
President, ODSynergy.com

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Submit your views on creating high performance organization, high performance organizational design, creating organizational effectiveness, change management, team building, HR systems review, corporate culture building, structured performance management workshops and employee performance management.

To submit your views, comments or questions, email sustainable organizational development forum, use the OD Synergy feedback form or post your feedback on creating organizational effectiveness forum. Please, note that your contribution may be edited for clarity, finesse or style.


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