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Workforce Management Workshops/Seminars...
Structured workshops for employee performance management

Do you want unique seminars/structured workshops on performance management that help you transform your workforce and rally your people and resources for sustainable high performance today and for a vision of corporate excellence?

Use structured workforce management seminars/workshops or total organization development workshops, called OD Synergy Workshops™. The principles and model employed in workforce management training/seminars help foster your people’s actualizing attributes in synergy with integrating organizational attributes.

Workforce Performance Management Seminars/Workshops for Effective Synergy in Your Business

Workforce performance management seminars/structured workshops, called OD Synergy Workshops™, offer performance management training for your business to simultaneously facilitate excellence in its people and organizational systems for ultimate high performance. They are specialized, real-time, business-linked, in-house performance management workshops, seminars, forums, roundtables and exercises employing sound and insightful principles and approaches to help you create effective synergy of personal and corporate excellence in your business.

With the interactive and insightful OD Synergy Workshops™, each lasting 2-2½ days, your people develop their personal effectiveness while exploring key relevant aspects of corporate excellence in order to give the best to your organization.

OD Synergy Workshops™ are conducted in your own organization (in-house) or at an external facility for your key staff. They are not offered as public workshops.

Group Facilitation Sessions Creating Organizational Commitment

There are usually group facilitation sessions, called 'poise sessions', during each OD Synergy Workshop™. The 'Poise Sessions' which are interactive and reflective are designed exclusively to create interaction among the people of your organization and channel their thought processes to develop a unified vision of your organization's future. The overall thrust is the facilitation of high organizational commitment in your business.

For example, during a group facilitation session in any OD Synergy Workshop™, the following kind of issues are reflected upon and worked through:

• Is the organization currently prepared (by key interrelated systems or actualizing attributes) to meet today’s business demands and future business challenges? What is being done to secure the future of the organization in business?
• Are the organizational systems or attributes and people correctly positioned along the same strategic corporate objectives or ultimate vision of excellence?
• What organizational attributes and factors are critical to achieving sustainable high organizational performance given the organization's strategic situation? How are they fostered in the organization?
• Given, or in the context of, the specific theme of the OD Synergy Workshop™, what personal excellence attributes and corporate excellence elements need be integrated for a transformation objective or the vision of tomorrow?

Workforce Performance Management Using Actionable Personal Enhancement Plans (PEPs)

Workforce performance management is facilitated with the unique methodology and versatile approaches employed in OD Synergy Workshops™ which efficiently and effectively focus your people’s efforts and minds in imaginative ways. For example, an integral part of each OD Synergy Workshop™ is the development of self-monitored ‘Performance Enhancement Plans’ (PEPs) by the participants, focusing on the integration of personal effectiveness and corporate success.

Each ‘Performance Enhancement Plan’ (PEP) represents a ‘commitment-to-excellence’ or 'high performance' contract, which each participant develops and endeavors to achieve using key performance management principles over a specified period of time. In this way, the PEPs serve as an important facilitating tool in sustainable workforce performance management systems which are integrated with organizational transformation.

In-Synergy Corporate Summary for Strategic Impact of the Performance Management Seminars/Workshops

We produce an ‘In-Synergy Corporate Summary’ (ICS) on each OD Synergy Workshop™, which we send to the CEO or Managing Director for the benefit of the client organization. The 'In-Synergy Corporate Summary' (ICS) essentially contains the outcomes of the group facilitation sessions, the personal enhancement plans for workforce performance management and strategic recommendations to create effective synergy in your business.

In order that the ICS have the organizational impact intended, through examining issues of strategic importance during the 'Poise Sessions' your people develop the right kind of orientation—mind sets and attributes— that drive sustainable high organizational performance.

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Key Employee Performance Management Deliverables

The following are the key deliverables you will get from the workforce performance management training.

• A report highlighting the workout and session activities will be produced and given each participant within two weeks of each program.
• A video tape of the group facilitation sessions will be given each participant within one week of the session.
• An executive summary (ICS) as well as a video tape of the workout will be given to the CEO or Managing Director within two weeks of the workout.
• Follow-through interaction with participants over a period of three months.

Current Structured Workshops on Performance Management

Here are the structured workshops on workforce performance management, the OD Synergy Workshops™, we currently offer:

1. Fostering Commitment to Corporate Transformation and Change
2. Operating Your Performance Management System For Sustainable Strategic Results
3. Self-Leadership For Sustainable High Performance
4. Leading and Fostering High Performance Teams
5. Organizational Health Review Roundtable (or Total Organizational Poise Development Roundtable). Organized for your business annually or periodically.

Training on Workforce Performance

There are cases when you may have identified specific areas of workforce management training to sustain your business as a high performance organization and would benefit from the unique approach employed by us. Therefore, apart from the workforce performance training seminars/workshops developed by us, we also collaborate with you to develop structured workshops and seminars on specific employee performance management areas identified by you to address your business needs using the unique techniques employed in OD Synergy workshops.


Professional Fee: U.S. $325 per participant, subject to a minimum of 7 participants.

Expenses: Expenses to be borne by you depend on workshop location and your in-house facilities.

Taking Action!

For your organization to benefit from our structured workshops/seminars for workforce performance management, the OD Synergy Workshops™, please email OD Synergy Workshops or use the OD Synergy feedback form to contact us.

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Helpful Hints

The unique methodology and versatile approaches we employ in OD Synergy Workshops™ efficiently and effectively address critical issues of sustainable high performance in your business and focus your people’s efforts and minds in imaginative ways.


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