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Linking you to relevant web sites for organizational development and change solutions, information and consulting for high performance.

Importance of Organizational Development Synergy Web Sites

ODSynegy.com, coordinated by OD Synergy, Lags, Nigeria, an organizational development consulting firm, provides you links to relevant web sites in total organization development and change.

In a knowledge world which is increasingly changing, access to insightful and imaginative information and solutions to drive organizational synergy and ultimate high performance is critical. Relevant, quality information and solutions in the areas of total organization development, sustainable high performance, and synergy of personal and corporate excellence are becoming increasingly important.

Submitting Relevant Organizational Development and Change Web Sites to ODSynergy.com

We are disposed to reciprocal links. We are interested in a few well focused, content-rich and value-adding web sites offering unique insight or imaginativeness in organizational development, organizational behavior, organization design/redesign, change management, team building, employee performance management, hr systems optimization, organizational effectiveness, organizational leadership and culture.

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Web Sites on Organizational Development, Change Management and Organizational Consulting

ODSynergy.com (http://www.odsynergy.com) provides you insightful and imaginative organizational development solutions, tools, and ideas to transform your HR and organizational systems, and promote organization synergy for sustainable high performance. You will find the OD Synergy workshops (http://www.odsynergy.com/od-synergy-workshops.html) particularly helpful to promote your people's commitment to corporate excellence and ultimate high performance.

Prosci Research offers free resources and tools on business process re-engineering. Its center for change management features free articles and tutorials on change readiness and handling resistance to change.

Accel-Team offers helpful articles on people productivity, particularly in teams. It features an interesting way of viewing team developmental needs through its team building blocks .

In examining and dealing with challenges of building a high-performance organization you may think in terms of a five-step model presented by the Center for Organizational Design , which highlights organizational assessment and design, strategy development, leadership and personal development training, and team development.

The Northwestern University’s Center for Learning and Organizational Change, within The School of Education and Social Policy (SESP), offers a Master’s Program Program, (MSLOC) which prepares students who can help organizations think differently about issues that fall under categories such as change implementation, workplace effectiveness, business alignment, organizational development, talent management, process efficiency and knowledge management.

Team Building and much more - Perception Dynamics provides a range of programmes to eliminate Silo Mentality and create Joined-up Organisations and Services, leadership development, team building, and performance management training courses. Visit us for fast business and corporate performance improvements today.


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