Organizational Effectiveness
Developing solid insight on organizational systems and culture to sustain organizational effectiveness and performance

Transforming Organizational Systems

How could you transform your organizational systems and organizational culture to sustain organizational effectiveness and performance?

There are several ways you could do this, but developing solid organizational insight on your organizational systems and culture is a critical first step. And you would achieve this through integrated organizational culture assessment and organizational effectiveness survey and scorecard. Doing this would provide you the organizational insight and information to make your organizational effectiveness and performance management systems fit for purpose. It would help you unravel intrinsic organizational factors and issues critical to organizational effectiveness, leadership and performance in your business.

Here are three business-linked, real time organizational assessment tools you would find helpful.

Collaboratively exploring intrinsic factors promoting a healthy and attractive high-performance organization

Organizational Culture Assessment

Through real-time, strategy-linked and integrated organizational culture assessment, your business and its key people could collaboratively explore organizational culture and health factors promoting organizational effectiveness and performance.

Such organizational culture assessment could incorporate organizational culture survey that focuses on such issues as the following:
1. How is your organization or business rating on dimensions, messures or factors of organizatinal health and attractiveness?
2. What metrics define the quality of your organizational culture and how you rate a high-performing culture?
3. What factors hinder or promote organizational health and attractiveess in your organization?
4. How well is your organization promoting people's actualizing behaviors and attitudes?
5. What defines the intrinsic and manifest character of your organization—in relation to functional interdependencies of organizational systems and how it promotes, e.g., agility, collaboration, integrity, leadership, and other organizational health and attractiveness factors?

Facilitating enabling organizational conditions

Benefits of Organizational Culture Survey

The benefits of such a business-wide Organizational Culture and Health Survey include:

  1. You would be able to identify ways your organization could work more efficiently and effectively.
  2. You would gain insight that could enhance organizational agility and responsiveness.
  3. You would have quality information to build an organizational and business environment conducive to self-leadership and high performance.
  4. You would be able to unravel root causes and fundamental issues hindering organizational health and attractiveness.
  5. You would understand where your business is in relation to metrics of organizational health and poise.
  6. You would be able to create the basis for your people and key stakeholders to meaningfully engage in and explore values, knowledge, attitudes and attributes underpinning your organization's systems and processes.

Overall, through appropriate monitoring and data feedback, your business could understand and change the organizational conditions to promote sustainable high performance.

Repositioning your organization for competitive advantage

Organizational Effectiveness Survey

You could use organizational effectiveness survey as the basis for developing a fit-for-purpose organizational effectiveness inventory. Such a survey would start with a consultative and interactive exercise and roundtable with key stakeholders in your business. The outcome of such roundtable would include criteria, dimensions and factors of organizational effectiveness and performance that would go into the survey tool and the plan to guide the survey process and program.

Use the Organizational Effectiveness Survey—integrated with performance-themed organization and leadership workshops and workouts—to monitor key metrics or indices of organizational effectiveness and performance. With the organizational effectiveness survey, your business and its key people would engage on, and agree, an agenda and mandate to be pursued towards enhanced organizational effectiveness and what should be done in specific terms to attain that agenda and fulfil the mandate. This would also help your key people to commit to desired organizational effectiveness and performance for competitve advantage.

A further step would be to develop an Organizational Effectiveness Inventory and use it periodically to track how various units and levels in your business perform on your measures and dimensions of organizational effectiveness. This could be the basis for developing and using an organizational effectiveness scorecard across the various units in your business.

Sustaining desired organizational effectiviness and performance

Organizational Effectiveness and Performance Scorecard

Feedback and key data from the organizational culture survey, the organizational effectivenes survey and the organizational efectiveness inventory—together with other significant and strategic organizational performance dimensions and indicators—could be configured into the development of an integrated Organizational Health, Effectiveness and Performance Scorecard.

Developing and operating such integrated 'Organizational Health, Effectiveness and Performance Scorecard' across your business could shape the road map for maintaining your desired level of organizational health, effectiveness and performance on a sustainable basis. Also, it would give your people confidence to commit to a strategic business vision of organizational leadership, effectiveness and transformation.

For compettive advantage—and to make the integrated organizational health, effectiveness and performance scored fit for purpose—incorporate in the scorecard organizational health and poise factors as well as other factors relevant to your vision of organizational character and your competitive situation. You could operate the integrated organizational health, effectiveness and performance scorecard in one-to-three-year development and review cycle, depending on your business needs and resources.

Proactive Collaboration and Productive Engagement

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