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Creating Organizational Effectiveness & Strategically Managing Change for Long-Term High Performance...

Creating organizational effectiveness and managing transformational change for long-term corporate impact requires an integrated, versatile organizational effectiveness system or model.

Integrated System for Creating Organizational Effectiveness

The integrated organizational effectiveness system involves five key steps or phases.

First, do a focused exploration of key organizational effectiveness and organizational poise/health factors. For your business to rate consistently as a high performance organization, it is important that you clarify and consistently communicate a vivid understanding of what your business sees and pursues as its mandate and agenda in organizational effectiveness.

For example: How do your business and its key people define organizational effectiveness? What does your business see as its organizational effectiveness mandate? What key action steps should be taken to sustain organizational effectiveness? You would be thinking in terms of outcomes (attainments and metrics) and process (way of life). You may consider embarking on this important beginning step by checking the list of organizational poise factors.

Second, use the list of organizational effectiveness factors/health factors to raise the awareness of your people on core indices of organizational effectiveness (say, in terms of attainments and processes) and organizational health/poise (largely in terms of the quality of your integrating systems and processes).

Third, undertake an insightful process of organizational awareness through organizational surveys or organizational assessments.

Fourth, create an avenue or forum where you use insight you gained from the focused exploration of organizational effectiveness or poise factors to develop your people's potential and commitment to sustainable organizational effectiveness. This would create the basis for formal organizational leadership training.

Fifth, create a strategic change plan and embark on systemic change process. This step is fundamental to optimally creating and sustaining organizational integrated/strategic change management system/solutions useful to sustain transformational change and organizational effectiveness. Since, change management for lasting corporate impact results from strategic insight and systemic focus and actions your business would benefit from strategic change management solutions for organizational leadership, performance and change.

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