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Insightful Organizational Assessment and Focused Organizational Leadership Training...
helping you to create organizational effectiveness

You can create and sustain organizational effectiveness in your business through integrated organizational assessment and focused organizational leadership training.

Insightful Organizational Effectiveness Assessments/Surveys

Advancing your business for long-term transformation requires insightful organizational effectiveness assessments or surveys.

Through effective organizational assessments you get the organizational insight and information to address organizational effectiveness measures or indices critical to your strategic situation. Aligned with focused exploration of organizational effectiveness factors, we help you in effective organizational assessments using two, business-linked, real time organizational assessment tools.

1. Organizational Health and Attractiveness Survey

To sustain organizational effectiveness start with getting objective, clear information and answers on issues such as the following through systematic organizational analysis:

  • How much is your organization promoting people's actualizing behaviors and attitudes?
  • What defines the character of your organization in respect of organizational synergy and attractiveness?

Through real-time, strategy-linked and integrated organizational enabling survey called, Organizational Health and Attractiveness Survey™, we help you and your people to explore critical issues promoting a healthy and attractive organization for long-term high performance.

The benefits of the business-wide Organizational Health and Attractiveness Survey™ include:

• You are able to identify ways your organization can work more efficiently and effectively.
• You get insight that enhances organizational responsiveness and adaptability.
• You have quality information to build organizational an environment conducive to self-leadership and high performance.
• You are able to unravel root causes and fundamental issues hindering organizational health and attractiveness.
• You understand where your business is in relation to indices of organizational health and poise.
• You create the avenue for your people and key stakeholders to explore values, knowledge and attitudes underpinning your organization's systems and processes.

Through appropriate data feedback, your business, and its people and key stakeholders can understand and change the organizational conditions to promote sustainable high performance.

2. Organizational Effectiveness Survey

Organizational effectiveness surveys and roundtables promote people's commitment to organizational effectiveness and high performance for strategic advantage.

In order to monitor key indices of sustainable high performance and reposition your organization for excellence, you can benefit from an annual in-house Organizational Effectiveness Survey. This survey commences with a consultative/interactive exercise and roundtable with key stakeholders in your business.

Based on the outcome of the roundtable and exploratory interaction, you get an Organizational Effectiveness Survey Plan to guide the survey process and program. On the basis of the Organizational Effectiveness Survey, your business and its key people are able to consider and establish the agenda and mandate to be pursued in organizational effectiveness and how things will be done to attain that agenda.

Focused Organizational Leadership Training

Often the organizational assessments or surveys are integrated with focused, periodical organizational leadership training in form of forums and roundtables, say annually. The organizational leadership training results from the feedback obtained from organizational assessments or organizational effectiveness surveys conducted in your organization. It focuses on your prevailing strategic, organizational effectiveness challenges.

With an annual or periodical organizational leadership training you can enhance the commitment of the key stakeholders of your organization to your vision of excellence and organizational leadership.

Using the total organization development framework ( the FEDAR™ framework) and the TOP Tech™ methodology, the organizational leadership training, begins with a total organizational poise review, called periodic or Annual Total-Organization Poise review (ATOP™ review ). This involves working with the key people in your organization to review the organizational leadership imperatives of your strategic situation and the degree to which your organization is poised/healthy for sustainable high performance.

The review, which is multi-staged, preceded by an exploratory diagnosis, usually takes 2-day modular exercises and roundtable. Appropriate organizational leadership and effectiveness sessions and roundtables are organized in the context of the review taking cognizance of your strategic challenges. This is followed up with group facilitation sessions to enhance the commitment of your key people to attain the desired level of organizational effectiveness.

You may find the Self Leadership for High Performance Guide interesting and beneficial to create awareness and desire for self-directed high performance among your people at all levels in your business. To learn more, click Self Leadership Guide .

Organizational Health and Effectiveness Scorecard

By developing and operating an Organizational Health and Effectiveness Scorecard you arm your organization with a road map for managing organizational attractiveness and performance on a sustainable basis. This also gives your people confidence to commit to your vision and provides your business a platform for effective organizational synergy. You may operate your Organizational Health and Effectiveness Scorecard in a three-year development/review cycle.

We help you develop and operate your Organizational Health and Effectiveness Scorecard using the FEDAR™ system. The factors incorporated in the scorecard are total organizational health/poise factors and other related factors developed in light of your strategic situation.

Taking Action!

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