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Want to Create Organizational Health and Effectiveness in Your Business?....

First explore key organizational poise factors or organizational health/effectiveness factors to define and shape your organizational effectiveness/health mandate!

If you would optimize your business for organizational effectiveness or facilitate total organizational health/poise for ultimate high performance, what first steps would you take?.....A critical first step is exploring, and planning on, key facets of total organizational poise and organizational health/effectiveness based on an understanding of organizational poise/health factors or organizational effectiveness factors.

Exploring Organizational Health/Poise Factors for Creating Organizational Effectiveness

Total organizational poise dictates the character of your organization to sustain corporate excellence. It is integrated with overall organizational health and effectiveness. Creating organizational effectiveness and health in the long-haul is predicated on exploring, understanding, and measuring factors of total organizational poise/health.

Facilitating total organizational poise/health development requires paying attention to and gaining insight on two operating terms: 'total' and 'poise'. 'Total' refers to all key aspects of the organization's human and integrating systems on the one hand and all key factors or elements of 'poise' on the other.

A begriming step to exploring and understanding the various features of poise is by considering synonyms and antonyms relating to 'poise'.

You can start the process in your organization by asking your people a simple question: 'What are the key attributes of a well-poised person?' You may then follow it up with another related question: 'What are the key attributes of a well-poised organization?'

Draw up a list of poise factors based on the responses you got on the two questions. You can also gain further insight by reflecting on what the lack of poise represents.

What you are embarking upon is a journey that may eventually transform your organization's people and integrating systems for sustainable high performance and long-term organizational effectiveness.

Steps in Creating Organizational Effectiveness and Total Organizational Poise/Health Development

Asking such questions as the two above in respect of your organization and its people would go a long way in creating organizational effectiveness and synergy. The answers and attributes developed could help direct actions and strategies to keep your organization optimized or healthy for long-term success. This is an important first step in the services we render in total organizational poise/health development, review or analysis.

The necessary key steps that follow are:

  • Agreeing the primary factors or indices in light of the strategic situation of your organization
  • Defining each factor or index
  • Agreeing the standards or yardsticks for the review or analysis, and
  • Gaining commitment on the outcome of the review or analysis

When the people or personal elements of total poise are addressed, your people will be positioned for organizational effectiveness and high performance. Your business will reap the effect of organizational poise/health.

Distilling Poise Factors for Total Organization Development

What list did you arrive at or draw up asking the twin questions: 'What are the key attributes of a well-poised person?' and 'What are the key attributes of a well-poised organization?' Asking the question, 'What, in real terms, would the absence of poise show?' would also produce additional insight for your list.

Compare your list to the following, distilled from responses OD Synergy got using the same approach.

  1. Adaptability
  2. Alignment
  3. Assertiveness
  4. Balance
  5. Calmness
  6. Compactness
  7. Completeness
  8. Composure
  9. Confidence
  10. Congruence
  11. Correctness
  12. Courage
  13. Drive
  14. Efficiency
  15. Energy
  16. Enthusiasm
  17. Equilibrium
  18. Esteem
  19. Flexibility
  20. Genuineness
  21. Gracefulness
  22. Integration
  23. Integrity
  24. Keenness
  25. Peak
  26. Resourcefulness
  27. Self control
  28. Sharpness
  29. Soundness
  30. Stability
  31. Stamina
  32. Synergy
  33. Vitality
  34. Wholeness
  35. Wholesomeness

A Key Process in Creating Organizational Effectiveness

A key process in total organizational poise/health development and creating organizational effectiveness is configuring the list of poise factors into total poise indices.

When we did this, we obtained the following six primary indices along which your people actualizing atributes and integrating, business systems could be developed in order to operate optimally for ultimate organizational effectiveness/health:

  • Congruence
  • Integration
  • Integrity
  • Refinement
  • Versatility
  • Vitality

They are configured into the high performance formula or total poise formula. During the activities involved in total organizational development intervention total poise indices are integrated into organizational life for organizational effectiveness/health and sustainable high performance.

Three Practical Approaches to Create Organizational Effectiveness With Total Poise Factors

The multi-stage, total organizational poise/health development roundtable enables your organization to explore poise factors, agreeing their definitions, identifying their core applications and integrating them in the context of your organization's realities and challenges. Doing this involves the use of the unique total-organization poise technology (TOP Tech)™.

Periodical, say annual, total organizational poise/health review helps your business keep track of its performance on the indices of organization effectiveness, organization synergy or total organizational poise/health development. You will find our service in annual total organizational poise/health (ATOP)™ review potent for this important step towards corporate transformation for sustainable high performance.

The professionals' certification programme under our service in Organizational Development Internal Capacity Building empowers your internal human resources and organizational development specialists to create organizational effectiveness or undertake total organizational poise/health development for ultimate high performance. They develop the capacity and techniques for analyzing and integrating total poise factors to make your business a high performance organization.

Taking Action!

To avail your organization of our solutions in creating organizational effectiveness/heath and high organizational performance sustainably, please email OD Synergy services.

Submitting Your List of Poise Factors

Should you want to share your list of organizational poise factors with users of ODSynergy.com click submitting poise factors to email us or use the OD Synergy information/feedback form. All published lists will be acknowledged. You may also post on creating organizational effectiveness/health forum board.

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