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Brief on 'Self-Leadership For High Performance Guide'...

A guide on creating self-leadership for sustainable high-performance among your people.

One of the most difficult challenges facing organizations today is the ability to manage sustainable high performance effectively and imaginatively.

You can deal with this challenge by fostering self-motivated people with self-leadership skills through out your business !

Understanding that a key to sustainable high performance in an organization is to create self-motivated leaders through out the organization, OD Synergy has developed 'The Self-Leadership for High Performance Guide'. It is an on-the-job working tool and reference material for self-management among the people of your business. It helps them develop high performance competencies and outlook in order to give the best to your organization.

'The Self-Leadership for High Performance Guide', is designed for people to be self-fulfilled and to develop self-leadership high performance in their organizations.

The ‘Self-Leadership for High Performance Guide', has six main sections, each dwelling on a key aspect of sustainable, self-managed high performance, as follows:

  • The High Performance Mandate focuses on strategy-job performance link. The strategic mission and the strategic drive suggest and influence the performance mandate and the critical performance activities and performance measures.
  • High Performance Philosophy emphasizes establishing and employing value driven high-performance philosophy.
  • The Top Competency Factor explores the importance of operating on the mode of high level of competencies.
  • Self-leadership for High Performance discusses key issues underpinning self-leadership for sustainable high performance.
  • Time Styling highlights making time count for high performance.
  • People Sense explores key elements of winning through people.

Price: $2.5 (PDF)

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Taking Action

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