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Total Organizational Poise Development Technology...
Organizational Development Process Technology for Sustainable Change and High Performance!

Total Organizational Poise Development Technology, TOP-TECH™, is a unique organizational development process technology to enable you create effective organizational synergy and promote organizational commitment for sustainable high performance in your business.

Total Organizational Poise Development Technology (TOP-TECH™)

Looking for an imaginative, cost-effective and business-linked technology for assessing or improving your organization or its sub-systems for ultimate high performance? Consider TOP-TECH™.

TOP-TECH™ is a system of techniques to help organizations facilitate an alignment and synergy of personal and corporate excellence for ultimate high performance.

TOP-TECH™ uses and adopts key principles and approaches that build commitment, versatility, and collaboration while creating a positive environment where people can flourish. Focusing on specific transformation or intervention agenda or theme, TOP-TECH™ proceeds through a series of exploratory activities and diagnosis, round tables, survey feedback, corporate value and mission analyses, action planning sessions, real-time business-linked syndicates, to strategic engagements for sustainable high performance.

The overall thrust of TOP-TECH™ is to build people's commitment to a vision of excellence, transformation or high performance while positioning them for personal excellence.

The TOP-TECH™ is a unique, cost-effective, business-linked and real-time organizational development technology which your business will find potent and efficient in the process of total organizational development and interventions such as involving culture building, organizational design, team building, strategic change management and high performance management.

In addition, with our service in Organizational Development Internal Capacity Building, we help build the capacity of your internal HR/OD specialists and change agents to use the TOP-TECH™ and our other organizational development tools and models for sustainable organizational development and high performance.

Taking Action!

To make the first step towards creating high performance organization, transforming your organizational systems, creating high performance culture, or undertaking change management for strategic impact using our unique organizational development technology, the TOP-TECH™, email OD Synergy or use the OD Synergy Feedback Form to contact us.

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OD Synergy Hints

TOP-TECH™ uses and adopts key principles and approaches that build commitment, versatility, and collaboration while creating a positive environment where people can flourish.




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