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Total Organizational Development Domain
Here is why and how the total organizational development model/domain sustains high performance in your business

What is the key to sustaining organizational development for high performance in your business? What has organizational development practice in more than half a century shown?

Organizational development practice over the last 50 years has shown that...

sustaining high organizational performance requires
fostering effective synergy of people's actualizing attributes and excellent organizational systems and processes

The synergy should impact organizational behavior sustainably.

For sustainable impact on organizational behavior, focus should be on the 'total organization' and in creating effective synergy within it.

The basic thrust of total organization development, called OD Synergy™, is to help businesses such as yours integrate and align their human, managerial and organizational systems for sustainable high performance using powerful, sustainable organizational development solutions, tools and technology. For a snapshot on what focusing on the 'total organization' embraces under total organizational development consulting and sustainable organizational development solutions, click total organization focus (PDF).

Organizational Development Definition For High Performance

Total organizational development is about promoting the synergy of your organizational and people's systems, subsystems, processes, interface and facets for lasting high performance. It results from the palpable realization that an organizational development intervention program undertaken without careful exploration and analysis of key people's actualizing attributes integrated with high performance organizational elements would not achieve lasting results.

Therefore, in the context of the 'total organization' and the operational/strategic challenges facing businesses under extenuating circumstances, what is organizational development? We define organizational development as the systematic and insightful process of understanding, reviewing, and transforming the systems and people of organizations synergistically for sustainable high performance, using imaginative organizational behavior models, principles, tools and technologies.

Exploring Organizational Development Domain and Model Sustaining High Performance

If you want your next organizational development intervention to sustain high performance in your business consider using total organizational development model or framework.

In order to achieve sustainable results, organizational development intervention projects should incorporate ramifying issues, facets and factors affecting the synergy of people and organizational systems. This will involve the use of robust organizational development technology and tools aligned with total organizational development framework. To give you a hint of what this entails, let us do some exploratory exercise here.

How often have you thought about, or even worked at, making your business and organizational systems the best they could be? No doubt you would be doing this in the knowledge that your business success is linked with the quality of your systems and processes. And in this you will be right. However, have you thought about the results you have got with, perhaps, tinkering with your organizational or business systems or processes? That is, in terms of the fundamental or intrinsic aspects of your organizational systems as they are integrated with your people or social systems?

Let us examine what you have done in the past regarding organizational transformation. Perhaps, you had undertaken some organizational intervention projects in the last 5-10 years. Let us see whether there were a few success factors you would have considered.

Was your recent organizational development program based on, or triggered by, some strategic or burning challenges which you and your top management committed the program to? Did you guide and direct the project with an organizational development framework promoting and sustaining high performance?

Did you adopt clearly stated organizational development principles creating high performance? Were specific elements or formula fostering organizational effectiveness or lasting organizational development adopted? Did you have specific targets for specific aspects, particularly on areas of business and organizational system,s and people's attributes?

You may have to consider the design of the organizational development intervention project itself. In regard to the challenges or difficulties that emerged, or were associated with the organizational development effort, does the design of the organizational development project need improvement?Or, did the design accommodate the challenges?

In terms of your outcomes, were you surprised with some unexpected results? Did you get what you bargained for? What would you do differently considering the issues we explored here and similar ones?

You see, issues such as the ones highlighted above point to the use of total organizational development model and principles associated with the domain of total organizational development. Unless you had carefully thought out key high performance people's attributes in alignment with high performance organizational elements, your project would not have had the lasting effect you might have hoped for. In fact, you would have missed out on sustainable high performance resulting from organizational development intervention based on integrating excellence of organizational and people's conditions and attributes.

Taking Action!

The total organizational development domain/model informs and influences total organizational development consulting, solutions and services.

To make the first step towards sustainable organizational development for high performance in your business, email OD Synergy or use the OD Synergy Feedback Form to contact us.

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