Organizational Development Concepts
Keeping your people and systems actualized to give the best

The High-Performance Organizational Development Formula in a Nutshell

When actualizing human elements of an organization are effectively and strategically addressed, its people would be positioned to sustain organizational effectiveness, leadership and high performance. This is the essence of the high-performance organizational development formula.

Simply put, the high-peformance organizational development formula—or the organizational development formula for high performance—is this: To create and sustain organizational leadership and high-peformance, integrate the development of people's actualizing attributes with similar attributes in organizational structure, systems, subsystems, technologies, and processes.

The high-performance formula, or the total organization poise formula for high-performance, translates to ensuring high performance from well-poised people and systems in a well-poised organization.

Focusing on key people and organizational or business elements

What Constitues the High Performance Formula

The organizational development formula for sustainng organizational leadership and high-performance is based on the total organization poise principle—and that is why it is also called the total organization poise formula for sustainung high-performance.

Simply stated, the total organization poise principle is this: When people are at their best and the organizational systems, processes, and technologies are optimised, well-honed and integrated, an organization could get to a level where it could attain better results that last.

The high-performance organizational development formula,—also called the total organization poise development formula,—entails three things:
1. Value and enhance the quality of your people,—making them self-actualizing.
2. Develop the key people and organizational or business elements that play significant roles in your systems and subsystems—such that they are well-poised to actualize their functions and processes sustainably.
3. Simultaneously foster effective synergy of your people's actualizing attributes and excellence of organizational strucutres, systems, technologies and processes—ensuring harmonious functional interdependencies.

Remit of Total Organizational Development

Why the Total Organization Poise Development Concept

Fundamentally, when actualizing human elements of an organization are effectively and strategically addressed, its people would be positioned to sustain organizational effectiveness, leadership and high performance.

The total organization poise development concept is this: Critical to building and sustaining high-performance cultures and organizational transformation, all actualizing attributes of the people and aspects of the systems, processes, and structures of the organization that have functional interdependencies should be in top condition and operate and interact optimally and harmoniously.

This means that all the key people and systems of the organization are nurtured, empowered, aligned and positioned to be the best they could be in order to give the best they could give in such a way as to advance the competitive and strategic interest of the organization or business. Making this possible is the remit of total organizational development. This is why, in the main, the organizational development concept and framework we adopt in organizational development practice is integrated with 'total organization poise development'.

Organizational Commitment to Excellence

The Total Organizational Poise Challenge

The ultimate challenge facing top management in a pulsating business environment is how to achieve and maintain total poise for breakthrough and sustainable high performance.

In the corporate world, an organization would accomplish breakthrough performance and approximate excellence when all its systems—particularly its integrating, managerial and social systems, which drive, coordinate and align all the other systems—are in top condition.

Underpinning the total organizational poise concept is a commitment to excellence. A commitment that sees excellence in terms of continuous organizational improvement in all key aspects—with emphasis on human factors and socio-technical elements—in order to be the best while simultaneously demonstrating character and integrity. That is, to be the best, and keep being so, in wholesome ways.

Multiple organization intervention applications

Applications of the High-Performance Formula

The use to which you put the high-performance organizational development formula is varied and depends on effectively designing your organizational intervention projects to meet your strategic or competitive needs. You could use the high-performance formula, and the total organization poise development concept, to organize special workouts, roundtables, corporate visioning sessions, strategic thinking circles and 360 degree events in the process of organization intervention like:

  • Organizational change and transformation management
  • Organization design and redesign
  • High-performance culture building
  • Team building
  • Leadership development
  • Organizational assessment or review
  • Organizational health survey
  • Human resource systems review
  • Sucession and talent management
  • Human capital performance management
  • Proactive collaboration and productive engagement.

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