Organization Design
Organization and Business Insight Is Key to Creating High-Performance Organizations

Streamlining Organizational Design for Strategic Fit

Organization design or re-design for creating high-performance organizations should flow from organization, business and strategic insight. The insight comes from analysing and addressing such key issues as the following.

  1. What the strategic situation and competitive situation of the organization or business is.
  2. Which organizational design framework and model would fit the strategic situation and competitive challenges—internal and external—facing the business or organization.
  3. What design principles would inform and guide the organizational design or redesign process.
  4. What critical aspects of the organization facets and systems to focus upon—based on a systematic and holistic organization review or audit.
  5. How to create effective organizational synergy in the design framework and process.
  6. Which people's actualizating attributes are of strategic significance—and how harmonious functional interdependence of socio-technical elements would be fostered in the design or redesign process.
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Using an integrated organizational design framework and model

High-Performance Organizational Design Framework

You could streamline and design organizational structure and systems for organizational leadership and strategic change using a holistic framework.

Streamlined high-performance organizational design and redesign would benefit from adopting the holistic or total organization development focus and framework. The total organizational development framework incorporates effective and efficient alignment and integration of critical organizational facets, processes and subsystems—in a business or an organization—harmoniously with people's actualizing and high-performance factors.

Designed or re-designed in the right manner—with follow-through action plans—your business would have the appropriate organizational culture and leadership to actualize the streamlined organization to sustain leadership and high performance.

It is important to use an organizational design model that helps you achieve and sustain the desired results—particularly in respect of organizational health, effectiveness, and synergy.

It should be a model that could efficiently and practically do two primary things for you. First, it should assist you to analyze your organization systemically with insight on the business facets, subsystems and functional interfaces. Second, it should help ensure that the re-designed organizational systems and subsystems are holistically streamlined for effective synergy.

Overall, the model should help transform your business processes and systems for high performance on a sustainable basis. This translates to using an organizational design or re-design model that could fashion and position your organizational systems, subsystems and facets so that they functionally and interdependently excel to support and facilitate the strategic interests of your business. Such a model is the FEDAR™ System.

The FEDAR™ System is an illuminating organization analysis and holistic design model which is integrated with total organization development—to ensure that the business or organization is streamlined as a high-performance organization to meet both its operational and strategic needs.

Key principles facilitating high-performance organization design, should be factored into the consideration of organizational design for strategic fit. Using such principles during the organizational design process would help you optimize your people's attributes and your integrating, organizational systems, and subsystems for high performance.

Optimally Fostering Effective Organizational Synergy

Streamlined High-Performance Organizational Design Process Technology

Your business would benefit from using an organizational design or re-design process technology which enables the organization to be streamlined or re-designed for high performance.

This would be done through optimally fostering effective synergy of people's actualizing attributes with key integrating, organizational systems and processes. The total organization poise development process, which we called TOP Tech™, is such a process technology for high-performance organizational design. It enables various organizational structure, facets and sub-systems of a business or an organization to be analysed, interrogated, redesigned and integrated synergistically—and in top condition.

The TOP Tech™ is a robust organizational development process technology and useful for various types of organization intervention.

Developing appropriate options and solutions

Total Organizational Design Process Technology in Practice

Using the TOP Tech™ process for streamlined high-performance organization design—or organizational redesign for strategic fit—begins with a thorough review of the operational and strategic challenges and needs of the business or organization. This would provide vivid understanding of the kind and degree of analysis to be conducted on the various structures, systems, subsystems and processes. Such analysis would provide you useful insight on their functional interdependencies and interrelationships. For example, when redesigning an organizational structure, the business or organization would have to consider, undestand and agree on the key fundamentals involvved.

With a clear understanding of the strategic situation of the business or organization and the prevailing status of the organizational structures, systems, subsystems, processes and facets—together with their functional interrelationships—there should then be adequate and focused consultation and collaboration with key people—particularly those actively involved or are impacted. This would involve developing appropriate options and solutions on the organizational redesign states to effectively and efficiently address the operational and strategic situation of the business—being cognizant of key countervailing and facilitating factors.

Upon an agreement on the redesigned or streamlined organization, imaginative and people-friendly approaches should be used for implementing the agreed redesigned states. Doing this would foster the commitment of the key people and position them for the long-run desired results.

To learn more about the key fundamental elements of organizational structure design: Download Here.

Promoting ownership and organizational commitmen

Dealing With Human Factors of Organizational Re-Design

To sustain desired results, the organizational design or re-design must adequately address human factors and significant integrating organizational imperatives.

There should be a clear understanding, acceptance and commitment to all key aspects and outcomes of the organization design among stakeholders. For example, role changes and role relationships, human aspirations and motivations, on-the-job perception of reality or feasibility, core habits and organizational ways of life, and informal operations. Such elements must be situated, addressed, and agreed upon within the context of the strategic challenges and aspirations of the business or organization.

The organizational high-performance formula could be adopted to effectively deal with and address key human factors to promote high organizational commitment, streamlined with effective organizational synergy. This would help the organizational design process focus on keeping key people's attributes and integrating systems in an optimized condition.

There would be need to foster and sustain organizational health—as organizational leadership and high-performance cannot be sustained in its absence.
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Organizational effectiveness and promoting a sense of purpose and direction

Charting Organizational Vision of Excellence and High Performance

An organization design would be incomplete if it is not integrated with promoting a sense of purpose and direction in the business that has ramifying, organization-wide impact based on creating a vision that your people and resources could commit to. Often, businesses begin this with developing mission and vision statements. But sustaining organizational effectiveness and leadership involves much more. Read More

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