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Designing Organizational Structure & High Performance Organizations/Culture...
Tips, Techniques and solutions for high performance culture building and organizational design/redesign for strategic fit.

Did you know the fundamental parameters on organizational design for leadership and high performance?

Streamline and design your organizational structure and systems for high performance. Streamlined high performance organizational design and high performance culture building—adopting 'total organization development focus'—facilitates effective and efficient alignment and integration of critical organizational facets, processes and subsystems in your business while fostering your people's commitment to high performance. It helps you create a high performance culture for organizational leadership.

Organizational Insight Is Key!

Organizational redesign for creating high performance organizations comes from organizational and strategic insight!

It involves thinking on such key issues as:

  • Which organizational structure/systems design or redesign model to use.
  • What informs your organizational redesign process.
  • What aspects of the organization to focus upon.
  • How to create effective organizational synergy in the design framework and process.

High Performance Organizational Design Model

You need to use an effective high performance organizational design model for your business to be streamlined or redesigned as a high performance organization to meet both its operational and strategic needs.

How would you begin the design or redesign of your organizational structure, systems, roles and functional interdependence?

You would use the framework or model that could help you optimize them for high performance. This means using an organizational design or redesign model that can fashion and position your organizational systems, subsystems and facets so that they functionally and interdependently excel to support and facilitate the strategic interests of your business.

It will be a model or framework that will efficiently and practically do two primary things for you.

First, such an organizational design/redesign model or framework will assist you to analyze your organization systemically with insight on the business facets, subsystems and functional interfaces. Second, it will help ensure that the redesigned organizational systems and subsystems are holistically streamlined for effective synergy. Overall, the model will help transform your business processes and systems for high performance on a sustainable basis.

Such a model is the FEDAR™ framework, which we use to help businesses such as yours in high performance organizational systems design/redesign. It is an illuminating organization analysis and holistic design model which is integrated with total organization development.

Our focus on the 'total organization' and on creating effective synergy helps you in high performance culture building for organizational leadership.

Streamlined Organizational Design Process for Creating High Performance Organization

Our approach to organizational design enables your business to be streamlined or redesigned for high performance through optimally fostering effective synergy of your people's actualizing attributes with key integrating, organizational systems and processes. The high performance organizational design approach enables the various organizational structure, facets and sub-systems of your business to operate together in top condition to facilitate your strategic and long-run business interests.

Our process in streamlined high performance organization design or organizational redesign for strategic fit begins with a thorough review of the operational and strategic challenges and needs of your organization. This gives vivid understanding of the kind and degree of analysis to be conducted on the various processes, systems and subsystems. Such analysis provides you useful insight on their functional interdependence and interrelationships.

With a clear understanding of the strategic situation of your organization and the prevailing status of the organizational processes, systems, subsystems, and facets, together with their interrelationships, we collaborate with you and your key people to develop a high-performance organization design approach, guided by the TOP-TECH™ model, streamlined to your organization's strategic and long-run interests.

Thereupon, with adequate and focused consultation and collaboration with you and your key people, we develop appropriate options and solutions on the organizational redesign states to effectively and efficiently address the operational and strategic situation of your business. We then assist you in implementing the agreed redesigned states synergistically using the TOP-TECH™ model in a series of roundtables, forums and syndicates. In this way, you can have the commitment of your people and position your organizational systems and subsystems for sustainable high performance.

Adopting key OD Synergy Principles is central to the high performance organization design process. Using such principles during the organizational design process, helps you optimize your people's attributes and your integrating, organizational systems and subsystems for high performance. The result of this is that your business has the appropriate organizational culture and leadership to actualize the streamlined organization for high performance on a sustainable basis.

Charting Your Organizational Vision

Using OD Synergy Nuggets on an organization-wide basis can be beneficial for building your people's awareness and understanding of, and commitment to, your organizational design thrust and designed/redesigned systems for creating and sustaining high performance organization in your business.

In addition, to promote a sense of purpose and direction in your business that has an organization-wide impact, create a vision that your people and resources can commit to. Empowering your organization in this way starts with developing effective mission and vision statements.

Dealing With Human Factors of Organizational Redesign

For sustainable results, the organizational design/redesign process must adequately address human factors and significant integrating organizational imperatives. Your organizational redesign process should facilitate vivid understanding, acceptance and commitment among the key stakeholders in order to achieve your long-run objective.

For example, role relationships, human aspirations and motivations, on-the-job perception of reality or feasibility, core habits and organizational ways of life, pervading norms and values, and informal operations. At the same time the organizational design/redesign process must integrate such elements within the context of your strategic challenges and aspirations.

The high organizational performance formula we incorporate in high performance organizational design/redesign helps you effectively deal with and address key human factors to promote high organizational commitment, streamlined with effective organizational synergy. It helps focus on keeping your people's attributes and integrating systems in an optimized condition. This is undertaken in fostering appropriate organizational culture and leadership for the designed/redesigned state during the roundtables, forums and syndicates.

Did you know the fundamental parameters for designing an effective organizational structure? Click organizational structure fundamentals.

Creating the Internal Capacity for High Performance Organizational Redesign

Creating the do-it-yourself capacity of your business in total organization development—including internal capacity for high performance organizational redesign —helps you to effectively, efficiently, and imaginatively undertake organizational development interventions that last.

From our experience and insight in organizational development, in order to remain a high-performance organization your business requires internal competencies and versatility in total organization development. Through our Organizational Development Internal Capacity Building service, your internal specialists will develop total organization development skills and attitude. They will be able to use the streamlined high performance organizational design approach, model and tools in the context of your strategic or business realities. They will gain an understanding and skill in the technology for fostering effective organizational synergy in alignment with optimizing your people's actualizing attributes and commitment to corporate excellence.

Taking Action!

To discuss your requirements in streamlined organizational design/redesign and/or to book our service in high performance organizational design, email OD Synergy or use the OD Synergy feedback form to contact us.

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Helpful Hints

The use of OD Synergy Nuggets on an organization-wide basis is beneficial to facilitating, among your people, understanding of, and commitment to, your business as a high performance organization.

Effective OD Strategy enables you to align your organizational and HR systems and processes with your business strategy. ...Consider our holistic and insightful approach to OD Strategy Development.




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