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Creating and Sustaining Organizational Leadership, Change and Transformation.

About Organizational Development Process Technology

The process technology you embrace informs how you would handle each aspect of an organization intervention, how you would employ various tools, and how you would handle the dynamics of your organization development project.

The starting point is your organizational development framework—which would incorporate your perspective on organizational development, and the organizational development core values and principles you embrace. The organizational development framework itself would inform the organizational development model within which you would employ the organizational development process technology. In essence, it is about using an integrated, holistic organizational development framework.

Total organization development integrates an organizational development process that focuses on using and integrating total organizational development principles and core values to facilitate organization interventions and sustain desired results. We call this concept and process technology, 'total organization poise technology' or simply TOP-TECH™.

Appreciating the strategic relevance of the total organizational development process technology

What the Total Organizational Development Process Technology Entails

Total Organizational Poise Development Technology, TOP-TECH™, is a unique organizational development process technology to enable organizations and businesses create effective organizational synergy and promote organizational commitment for sustainable high performance. It integrates a process evaluation approach that fosters quality assurance of the organizational development models, tools, and techniques being used through the cycle of any organization intervention.

The TOP-TECH™ is an integral part of the total organization development model, the FEDAR™ system, a model that helps facilitate total poise and actualizing attributes of all critical—and particularly strategic—human and socio-technical factors in organizations. It is a process technology for assessing, understanding, facilitating and improving organizations or their sub-systems for sustained high performance.

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Fostering effective organizational synergy

Holistic Organization Intervention Process Technology

The total organizational development process technology, TOP-TECH™, is holistic,—focusing on the total organization. It consists of a series or system of techniques focusing on an alignment and synergy of people and organization's actualizing attributes. The process uses and adopts key principles and approaches that build integrity, commitment, agility, and collaboration—while facilitating a positive environment where people could flourish.

Multi-purpose organization intervention process technology

Cost Effective OD Process Technology

The TOP-TECH™ is a cost-effective, business-linked and real-time organizational development process technology, which organizations and businesses would find potent, robust and efficient in organizational development and interventions—such as high-performing culture building, organizational design, team building, strategic change management, organizational leadership and performance, and sustaining organizational transformation.

Facilitating Sustainable Desired Strategic Results

Builds Organizational Commitment

The overall thrust of TOP-TECH™ is to build people's commitment to a vision of excellence, transformation or high performance—while positioning them for personal and professional excellence and fulfilment.

Concentrating attention on the specific organization intervention agenda or theme, TOP-TECH™ proceeds through a series of exploratory activities and diagnosis, roundtables, survey feedback, corporate visioning or alignment—including core-values, mission and strategy analyses—action planning sessions, real-time business-linked syndicates (or group activities and exercises), to strategic engagements and reflexive evaluation for sustainable organizational intervention.

Proactive collaboration and productive engagement.

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