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Creating and Sustaining Organizational Leadership, Change and Culture

Facilitating Organizational Change and Development

How would you facilitate effective organizational commitment to change and promote key factors driving organizational leadership and culture? It depends primarily on the process technology you adopt!

The process technology you adopt for managing organizational change and development reflects your outlook on the organizational change process, how you plan to facilitate the organizational development program, and what tools and techniques you would adopt and how you would use them.

The starting point is the organizational development framework to adopt—which would incorporate your perspective on organizational development, and the organizational development core values and principles you embrace. The organizational development framework itself would inform the organizational development model within which you would employ the organizational development process technology for facilitating key steps or phases in the model. In essence, it is about using an integrated organizational development framework.

Promoting Integrated Techniques and Approaches for Successful Organizational Change and Development

Total Organizational Development Process Technology

To sustain successful organizationational development would involve that you use principles and core values driving best practices in organizational change management integrated with versatile process technology that helps facilitate the key phases or steps of organizational change and development. Such a versatile process technology is the 'total organizational poise development technology' or simply TOP-TECH™, which helps facilitate and promote actualizing attributes of people and organizational systems,—and effective and harmonious functional interdependencies of organizational systems, subsystems and processes—during the key steps or phases of organizational change and development, including organizational culture building and high-performing team building.

TOP-TECH™, is a unique organizational development process technology to enable organizations and businesses create effective organizational synergy and promote organizational commitment to breakthrough performance. It integrates a process evaluation approach that fosters quality assurance of the organizational development model, tools, and techniques being used through the cycle of any organizational change and development initiative. The total organizational development process technology, TOP-TECH™, focuses on the 'total' organization. It involves using various techniques to foster effective alignment and synergy of actualizing attributes of people and organizational systems as well as harmonious functional interdependencies of organizational systems and subsystems. TOP-TECH™ process technology requires that, in any organizational change and development program, you use and apply key principles and approaches that build integrity, commitment, agility, and collaboration—while facilitating a positive organizational environment where people could flourish.

Approaches Facilitating Desired Organizational Development Results

Designing Organization Workshops

Your design of organizational development programs, organizational change management workshops, organization workshops for building organizational leadership and culture, or programs for optimizing organizatioal systems, would be shaped by your understanding and appreciation of the overall thrust of the TOP-TECH™ process technology

The overall thrust of TOP-TECH™ process technology is to build people's commitment to a desired vision of transformational organizational change, leadership, culture, and performance—while positioning them for personal and professional excellence and fulfilment.

Cognizant of the specific theme or agenda of the organizational change and developpment initiative, TOP-TECH™ would proceed through a series of exploratory activities and diagnosis, roundtables, survey feedback, corporate visioning or alignment—including core-values, mission and strategy analyses—action planning sessions, real-time business-linked syndicates (or group activities and exercises), to strategic engagements and reflexive evaluation of decisions, plans, actions and strategies to achieve desired results envisioned by the organizational development initiative.

Working With Principles that Make Organizational Change Successful

Making Organizational Development Fit for Purpose

TOP-TECH™ process technology helps you to assess, understand, facilitate, and improve organizational systems and sub-systems to make them fit for purpose.

You would achieve this by planning technical sessions, organization workshops and roundtables, or change-themed leadership workouts, during which you and key stakeholders would explore, agree, focus on, and work with key variables and factors that could make the organizational change and development successful and fit for purpose. These factors and variables include:

  • principles and core values promoting best practices in organizational change management,
  • actualizing human factors,
  • and attributes promoting excellence in organizational systems.

Using TOP-TECH™ process technology, how key principles (e.g., integrity, commitment, agility, empowerment, renewal, and integration) and core values (e.g., professionalism, responsiveness, innovativeness, versatility, and excellence) underpinning best practices are being integrated into the organizational change and development program and aspects of organizational life and organizational systems will be examined, planned for and implemented. Plans and actions should be agreed on aligning them with facilitating and promoting actualizing attributes of people and organizational systems, and effective and harmonious functional interdependencies of organizational systems, subsystems and processes.

Deploying Actualizing Human Factors of Organizational Systems

Quality Assurance of Change Management Plans

At each step of the organizational change and development process, evaluative questions would be asked and addressed reflexively on which actions, plans and decisions would effectively facilitate key principles, core values and people's actualizing attributes. This way, you would be positioning the organizational development initiative to effectively deploy actualizing human factors of organizational systems for harmonious functional interdependencies in alighnment with the application of a key success factor for organizational change and development, organizational leadership and performance, high performing team building, organizational design, leadership development, and transformational organizational leadership and culture.

Proactive collaboration and productive engagement.

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