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Using Integrated Change Management System
Strategic Change Management Model...
Strategic change management tips, solutions and tools
helps you sustain organizational change to achieve your business vision and mission!

Looking for a change management system or change management model that helps you facilitate strategic/organizational transformation and change to produce the vision of corporate excellence many organizations want but few attain? Discover unique, integrated change management system, strategic change management model and management solutions to sustain your strategic organizational change!

Integrated Change Management System and Strategic Change Management Model

Sustainable change management system for strategic advantage requires insight and focus on critical factors involving change orientation, change readiness, change implementation, the transition process, and long-range systemic change impact. The integrated/strategic change management model, the FEDARâ„¢ framework, helps you achieve this and it is streamlined to your strategic challenges and situation so that your change management effort achieves your business vision.

The integrated change management system, involving the unique change management framework/model—the FEDAR™ framework , is holistic. It is based on the total organization development concept. The change management system encompasses insightful diagnosis, versatile change readiness analysis and workouts, and reflective implementation/facilitation of change deriving from roundtables, survey feedback and forums. This helps you create alignment of your organizational facets and your people's attributes for sustainable business growth and strategy attainment.

The integrated change management system involves strategic change management solutions and change management tools to assist you effectively employ and foster key success factors for sustainable change and effectively address your strategic challenges wholesomely for sustainable high performance. The change management solutions and strategic change management tools facilitate the change management process at various phases of the change management framework/model.

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