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Change management system that helps you facilitate and navigate strategic change and organizational transformation

Integrated Change Management System

Why Use an Integrated Change Management System

Managing change and transformation for long-term desired results requires an integrated change management system—incorporating insight and strategic focus on critical factors regarding change orientation, change readiness, change implementation, the transition process, and long-range systemic change impact. Such a system is the integrated change management system, the FEDAR™ system.

This unique change management system incorporates strategic change management principles and a high-performance change management formula to help you manage and sustain strategic organizational change and transformation in your business or organization.

Apart from the integrated change management system, your change management projects would benefit from the unique strategic and organizational change management solutions we provide.

Total organization outlook of change management

Streamlined Change Management for Total Organizational Performance

The change management system adopts a total organization performance outlook. It is streamlined to help you insightfully concentrate on the strategic and competitive situation of the business or organization so that the change management effort translates to desired breakthrough and transformational results and vision.

Fostering effective functional interdependencies

Integration of Human Factors

The change management system promotes systematic and imaginative integration of key human factor issues, socio-technical elements, functional interdependencies, and strategic elements critical to the change management process

Towards insightful diagnosis for desired results

Change Management Process Technology

The change management process technology employs strategic change management roundtables, survey feedback, and strategic change engagement and workouts, for insightful diagnosis, and robust change readiness analysis and assessments.

Effective Integration of People and Organizational Elements

Reflexive Facilitation of Change

Through reflexive facilitation and implementation of planned change, your business could effectively create the alignment of actualizing organizational facets and people's actualizing attributes to attain transformational change.

Proactive collaboration and productive engagement

Technical Assistance and Partnership

Need our technical assistance or partnership towards managaging organizational change and transformation for sustainable desired results? Get

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