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Integrated Organizational Change Management System

Why Use an Integrated Change Management System

Managing organizational change and transformation for long-term desired results requires an integrated change management system—which incorporates insight and strategic focus on critical factors regarding change orientation, change readiness, change implementation, the transition process, and long-range impact on the organizational systems. Such an organizational change management system is the integrated change management system, linked with the FEDAR™ model.

With the change management system, you have solid organizational change management principles and could use high-performance success factors for managing changes in organizations or the workplace for desired results.

Furthermore, in the change management process you could employ structured organization workshops for change management training—and this would foster organizational leadership and culture.

Facilitating organizational leadership and culture

Strategic Focus on the Total Organizational Systems

The change management process being adopted should facilitate high performing performance management systems and enhace organizational leadership and culture. A fundamental way to do this is to be holistic in analysing and addressing all key aspects of the organizational systems and subsystems critical to the success of the change initiative.

Fostering effective functional interdependencies

Integration of Human Factors

There would be need to imagnatively integrate key human factor issues, socio-technical elements, functional interdependencies, and strategic elements so that they are well-aligned and in actualizing states.

Enhancing insightful collaborative diagnosis for desired results

Change Management Process Technology

You would use a change management process technology to facilitate insightful and collaborative diagnosis of the strategic situation through organization workshops, change management roundtables, survey feedback, and strategic change engagement and workouts. This would help in robust change readiness analysis and assessments.

Benefitting from effective feedback across the organization

Enhancement of Performance Management Systems

With the alignment of actualizing organizational systems and people's actualizing attributes, you could position the performance management systems to benefit from ongoing feedback and reflexive input at all levels in your business.

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