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Using ODSynergy.Com as an Organizational Development Exchange Platform

Exploring Partnerships Based on Total Organization Development

We want to use as an Organizational Development Exchange platform for organizational development professionals, academics, students, institutions, organizations and businesses. We seek and welcome mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships to share, use, and promote organizational development insights, solutions, and tools to foster lasting strategic results in businesses.

The total organization development framework, model, and process technology we provide have immense potential—particularly in extenuating and discontinuous business conditions globally. They are critical to attaining sustainable organizational interventions in such areas as organization design, change management, culture building, team building, leadership development, talent management, internal organizational development capacity building, strategic visioning and workouts, and organization and human capital performance management.

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Global and Intercontinental

Strategic Professional and Business Partnerships in Organizational Development

We want to develop strategic partnerships with the right kind of professionals and academics in organizational development internationally and welcome strategic alliances with relevant professional bodies, educational institutions, and software providers. Furthermore, we welcome strategic partnership relationships with organizational development consulting firms operating within and outside the African continent, for example in regard to using our framework, model and process technology or facilitating—for quality assurance and certification—relevant aspects of the organization interventions and projects in our niche areas.

We are interested in partnership and affiliate relationship for organizational development and human resource digital products and software in our niche areas, e.g., organization design, team building, corporate culture building, change management, performance management, talent management, workforce planning, succession planning, workforce skill analysis, organizational design, organizational analysis, corporate visioning and strategy, human resource systems review, and strategic human resource management and development.

Partnership for sustaining high-performance organizational development

Commitment to Organizational Development Professional Ethics

In any partnership or business relationship we form, we expect the same kind of ethical commitment we champion on and in the practice of organizational development.

In particular, we uphold core ethical and professional standards, and promote them in the principles and core values underpinning the total organization development framework. They also show what we are passionate about regarding the outcomes of total organization development insights, solutions and services.

Technical Excellence, Drive, and Capacity

Ethical Expectations—1

In partnerships with professionals in organizational development practice, organization consulting, and human resource consulting, we emphasize and look for professional drive in the following areas, among others:

  • Strong expertise in behavioral sciences and organizational behavioral practice flowing from creativity and imagination
  • Professional objectivity, savvy and friendly collaboration in dealing with clients and clients' staff
  • Innovative and analytical drive to identify the strategic situation and business needs of potential clients—coupled with the capacity to deliver high value to clients for sustainable, desired results
  • Sound engagement management practice incorporating pre- and post-engagement brief/survey, feedback and follow-through.
  • Moving forward with sustained desired outcomes

    Ethical Expectations—2

    We also appreciate:

  • Moving forward strategically with partners to deliver total organization development solutions that effectively position client-organizations for better, long-run results and sustainable high-performance.
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    Furthering the use of our OD insights and solutions

    Technical Assistance or Partnerships

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