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Integrating culture building to the total organization

High-Performing Culture Building System for Organizational Leadership and Transformation

For organizational leadership and transformation, you should integrate culture building to the total organization.

This means adopting such a system as the high-performance culture building system and framework.

The high-performance culture building system and framework incorportes core values, key principles, culture building model, and culture-building process technology. It integrates culture building to the total organization—taking cognizance of its strategic and competitive situation, and key factors fostering harmonious functional interdependencies. This 'total organization' outlook and culture building process would sustain high-performing cultures for desired results for the long-run.

Discover fundamental process and solutions for creating and sustaining high-performing cultures.

Fundamental Process for Creating and Sustaining a High-Performance Organization

To retain organizational high-performance, the people should have, and demonstrate, the strategic commitment, the agility and the intensity to support breakthrough strategic performance and organizational transformation. This would be achieved by using an appropriate culture-building process and process technology that helps you to imaginatively and insightfully diagnose, define and address the cultural and human-factor implications of the organization's strategic situation and direction.

Adopting an integrated, holistic system like the high-performance culture building system and framework—which incorporates using such a process technology,—would help you foster the organization's core values and norms, and streamline its systems synergistically for optimal functional interdependence.

Two-Stage Process Involved

Creating a high-performance organization requires focused, sustained effort, attention, and commitment. Yet, the basic process involves two primary stages, particularly as it is important to ensure that the people's actualizing attributes are in top or enabled condition and rewarded.

The first stage is the design stage. During this stage, key human factors, and key organizational systems, structures, technologies, and processes are identified, analyzed, and designed. If you stop only at this first stage you would not get lasting desired results. You may get some thrills, temporary satisfaction or superficial solutions. For long-term desired results, you should proceed to the second stage.

The second stage is the actualizing stage. This is the heart of long-term organization intervention—as it promotes the conditions for creating high-performance organizations, effective organizational synergy and organizational excellence. During this stage, the people's actualizing attributes are aligned and integrated for programs of organizational leadership and high-performance.

The second stage also involves fostering optimal and effective organizational integration and synergy of actualizing attributes of the organization's structure, systems, facets, technologies and processes for sustainable high performance. In this way, organizational systems and people's actualizing attributes would be mutually reinforcing and harmonious in functional interdependence.

Overall, the two-stage process translates to this:
To sustain high-performing organizational culture and leadership, work on—and promote—core values, people's actualizing attributes, strategic commitments, and organizational lifestyle,—do this simultaneously with fostering effective synergy and harmonious functional interdependencies of organizational systems, structures, technologies and processes.

High-Performance Organization and Culture Building Solutions

You would have to fashion the corporate culture to promote organizational versatility, support the organization's strategic thrust,—and reinforce people's actualizing attributes.

The following solutions would help you build and sustain high-performing cultures for sustained organizational high performance and leadership.

Corporate Culture Diagnosis

Building a high-performing corporate culture begins with insightful diagnosis.

You would need sound organizational, strategic, competitive and cultural insight. If you are passionate about creating high-performance corporate culture, start with insightful corporate culture diagnosis.

Starting this diagnosis with the top management of your business is critical. This is because to build a breakthrough or transformational culture, the top management must be committed to specific core values and the transformation agenda from the onset.

The corporate culture diagnosis should unravel the intrinsic values, norms, assumptions and rules underlying the competitive and strategic posture, activities and drive of the business. The normative elements affecting the prevailing strategic and competitive situation—challenges and opportunities—of the business or organization should also be explored, highlighted and integrated in the diagnosis.

Based on the diagnosis, undertake business focused and real-time interactive roundtables, exercises and actions towards corporate culture enhancement and transformation.

Unravelling the intrinsic and manifest character of the organization

Periodic Organization Character Audit

The character of an organization defines its long-term quality.

What fundamentally defines the intrinsic and manifest character of an organization should be agreed, formalized and measured on a regular basis.

Identify, discuss and assess factors and attributes that underpin the organization's character and agree the metrics and system for monitoring it. Align this definition of the organization's intrinsic character with factors by which the organization measures its long-term business success or mandates—and then monitor them in the context of a periodic organizational character audit or assesment.

This approach to organization character audit would promote a sound culture of organizational performance and leadership. You could incorporate in the audit, other total organization development attributes and parameters that foster people's commitment to high-performance and organizational transformation. Learn More Here.

Productive, strategic handling of critical culture building challenges

Furthering Organization Character Audit for Strategic Fit

You could foster effective corporate culture-strategy fit if you imaginatively incorporate the following themes into the organization character audit—while addressing the cultural values and factors of organizational character that underpin them.

  • Unravelling commitment of key stakeholders to organizational excellence and long-term strategic advantage.
  • Highlighting gaps in current organizational thinking, practices and focus.
  • Illuminating cultural values and organization character issues relating to critical transformation problems and inefficiencies—regarding organizational systems, processes, and culture—that your business must address to achieve sustainable high performance.
  • Creating the basis—and justification—for embarking on organizational change—or organizational transformation—program or process, for meeting your business's vision of breakthrough performance and organizational leadership.

Taking this further may lead to a broader, systematic or strategic organizational assessment.

Reinforcing strategic culture-building commitments and ownership

High-Performance Culture Reinforcing Workouts

To sustain high-performance organizational culture and leadership, deploy a series of high-performance culture reinforcing workouts and messages in your business.

In short-duration roundtables, forums, presentations, bulletins, posters, vignettes, etc. reinforce the core values, strategic commitments, and organizational lifestyle—which promote high organizational performance and leadership in your business. Among other things, this would foster your people's understanding and ownership of the core values of your business.

You may use formal workouts to clarify, promote and reinfore core values and leadership behaviours, attitudes and attributes that build and reinforce people's self-actualizing attributes and effective synergy in functional interdependence across the business. You could advance further by using focused organizational leadership training and structured performance management workshops to create commitment to high-performance organizational culture and leadership.

The total organization development outlook on building high-performing cultures we are highlighting here—and in the practice of organizational development,—is key to sustaining high-performance organizations. It should be kept front of mind with the top management and the champions of change in your organization.

Proactive collaboration and productive engagement

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