Human Capital Performance Management Insights
Building internal capacity, competencies, and commitment for high-perfrmance organizational interventions

Integrated Organizational Development High-Performance Framework

Your organization would be more efficient and more versatile through developing keen internal capacity for total organization development and organization intervention programs.

Your internal organizational development and related specialists would benefit from learning how to use the total organization development framework, understanding and mastering the use of the high-performance organizational development model, and employing the unique, multi-purpose organizational development process technology to sustain organizational leadership and transformation by facilitating—and building the commitment of key stakeholders to—organization interventions in such areas as:
1. Organizational design and redesign
2. Organizational assessment for effectiveness and high-performance
3. Change and transformation management
4. High-performing culture building
5. Team building
6. Leadership development
7. Human capital management systems review and development
8. Human capital performance management systems review and development
9. Talent Management Systems Review and Development

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Providing the roadmap on the organizational systems and processes

Internal Organizational Development Strategy

An effective organizational development strategy provides the roadmap on the organizational systems and processes—for the attainment of your corporate strategy, vision, mission and plan.

To achieve the desired result of creating and sustaining a high-performance organization, organizational development strategy should be streamlined to the business strategy and the organization's vision of competitiveness and leadership. This would mean developing an organizational development strategic plan based on the business or corporate strategic plan.

Integrating the human capital and organizational systems to the organization's business strategy and plan

Streamlined Organizational Development Strategy

Guidance of your internal organizational development specialists and related professionals on holistic, 'total organization' approach to developing organizational development strategy would help them effectively integrate the human capital and organizational systems to the organization's business strategy and plan. It would offer them a long-run plan and focus—an organization development roadmap that interfaces with the strategic and competitive realities of the organization—for overall business strategy attainment and high performance.

Incorporating key organizational development principles

Streamlined Organizational Development Strategy—2

The holistic approach to developing organizational development strategy typically kicks-off with an assessment of the organizational development implications of your business strategy.

This would be followed by an analysis of the current state of the relevant organizational systems and processes, and the commitment of the people's actualizing attributes based on some key organizational development principles and values. The holistic approach to organizational development incorporates key organizational development principles that sustain organizational leadership, transformation and high-performance.

Benefiting from high-perforformance internal organizational development structured workshops

About High-Performance Structured Workshops

Structured internal organizational development workshops would help you to employ the total organization poise concept to build the capacity and commitment of your people to high-performance organizational development.

Proactive collaboration and productive engagement

Technical Assistance and Partnership

Need our technical assistance or partnership towards building your orgaganization's internal capacity for organizational development that sustains organizational leadership, high-performance, and transformation? Get

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