Organizational Development Framework
Your outlook on organizational development, based on the concepts and definition of organizational development, is an integral part of your organizational development framework.

The Organizational Development Framework Sustaining High Performance

The total organization development framework is central to organizational development practice for sustainable desired results and high-performance. It is based on a total organization development outlook, including specific concepts and definition of organizational development, and incorporates a high-performance organizational development model, a high-performance organizational development process technology, core values, and key organizational development principles.

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Deciding on the appropriateness of your organizational development framework, model and process technology

Exploring Holistic Organizational Development Framework

How would you decide on the appropriateness of your organizational development framework, model and process technology?

It would start with a perfect uderstanding of your organizational development needs. Ideally at the onset, you would have to explore the organizational development needs and challenges of your organization or business to decide on appropriate organizational development perspective, model, and process—which could help sustain the strategoc results your organization or business desires.

Unless an organization or a business had carefully thought out key high-performance people's attributes in alignment with high-performance organizational elements, an organization intervention project would not have the desired results, talk less of getting them sustained. In fact, the business or organization would have missed out on achieving transformational organization change or building high-performing culture—something that would result from painstakingly but insightfully integrating excellence of organizational and people's actualizing conditions and attributes in imaginative ways.

With the holistic organizational development framework,—to make your organizational development interventions achieve the desired and sustained results,—you would be positioned to effectively and insightfully consider ramifying issues, facets and factors affecting the effective synergy and functional interdependence of people and organizational systems and processes. To give you an idea of what this entails, let us explore a few issues here.

Fostering organizational synergy and effective functional interdependencies

Making Your Organization or Business Systems the Best They Could Possibly Be

How often have you thought about, or even worked at, making your business and organizational systems the best they could be?

This undoubletedly would be done in the full knowledge that your business success is linked with the quality of your systems and processes. And you might want to think about the results you are getting, or have got, with, perhaps, tinkering with the organizational or business systems or processes. That is, in terms of the fundamental, more intrinsic aspects of the organizational systems and processes as they are integrated with the people or social systems.

You would have to adopt a holistic organizational development perspective and an appropriate organizational development process technology—and you would have to appply key organizational development principles and values that help promote the metrics linked with making your business systems the best they could possibly be.

The total organization development perspective and focus, which underpins the total organization development framework, incorporates certain key organizational elements and facets which you can download.

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Reflexive learning and proactive organization intervention planning

What You Could Have Done Better in Recent Organization Intervention

Perhaps, you had undertaken some organizational intervention projects in the last 5-7 years. You might wish to reflect on whether there were a few success factors you would have considered:

  • Was the recent organizational development program based on, or triggered by, some strategic or burning challenges which the top management of the organization committed the program to?
  • Did those leading the organization intervention project guide and direct it with an organizational development framework based on principles and core values linked to building high-performing culture or high-performance organization, and sustaining it?
  • Did they adopt clearly stated organizational development principles creating high performance?
  • Were specific elements or factors fostering organizational effectiveness or holistic organization development identified and adopted?
  • Did they have specific targets for specific aspects,—particularly on areas of business and organizational systems—together with people's actualizing attributes?
  • Being proactive on project design and addressing total organization development issues

    Making Organization Intervention Design Decisions

    It might boil down to the design of the organizational development intervention project itself—particularly, designing people-systems-strategy fit.

    In regard to the challenges or difficulties that emerged,—or were associated with the intervention,—there might be aspects which would have needed improvement or handled differently—something requiring organizational development insights. For example, maybe the design did not incorporate diagnosing, exploring, escalating and planning for, and responding to, emerging and post-intervention challenges—or sustaining the desired organization change or transformation.

    In terms of the outcomes, you might, perhaps, have been surprised with some unexpected results. Perhaps, you did not really get what you bargained for.

    Imperative of Using the Total Organization Development Framework

    The issues we have explored thus far, and similar ones, would be integral to the organizational development framework being used, and addressing them effectively and sustainably requires a high-performing organizational development process technology—which would be critical to attaining your ultimate desired results.

    Besides, issues such as those we have just highlighted point to the use of robust and insightful total organization development model and principles.

    Proactive collaboration and productive engagement.

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