Organizational Development Framework
Facilitating effective functional interdependencies of organizational systems

High-Performance Organizational Development Framework

The framework you adopt for organizational development defines your organizational development outlook, and influences the outcomes you crave. The framework encapsulates your definition of organizational development, the principles and values you employ in the organizational development process, and your methodology—including process technology and how you would manage and handle unexpected outcomes.

Adopting the total organizational development concept or outlook as the basis for a high-performance, integrated organizational development is recommended.

Total organizational development is about fostering and promoting the effective synergy of organizational and people's systems, subsystems, processes, interfaces and facets for high performance. The total organizational development framework is central to organizational development practice to sustain desired results and high-performance. It incorporates a 'total organization' development outlook—integrating specific concepts, principles and core values of organizational development—, high-performance organizational development steps and model, and a versatile process technology for facilitating organizational change and development, team building, and organizational leadership and culture.

Employing key success factors of high-performance organizational change and development

Using the Total Organizational Development Framework

How would you decide on the appropriateness of your organizational development framework, model and process technology?

At the onset—being cognizant of your competitive environment and long-term vision—, you should explore, establish and agree your organizational development needs and challenges to decide on appropriate organizational development perspective, model, and process—which could help sustain the strategic results your business desires.

In the course of doing this, you would come to appreciate the importance of working with a key organizational development success factor, which is:

Unless an organization or a business had carefully thought out key high-performance people's attributes in alignment with high-performance aspects of organizational systems, an organizational development project would not have the desired results, talk less of sustaining them.

In fact, the business would miss out on building the foundation of high-performance organizational leadership, change and culture;—something that would result from painstakingly but insightfully integrating excellence of organizational and people's actualizing conditions and attributes in imaginative but practical and business-linked ways. This is where you would find the total organizational development framework helpful.

With the total organizational development framework, you an integrating framework that helps position your organizational change, design and leadership programs to effectively and insightfully incorporate key factors affecting the effective synergy and functional interdependencies of people and organizational systems and processes to achieve and sustain the results you desire.

Focusing on Making Your Organizational Systems the Best They Could Possibly Be

Holistic Interrogation of Your Organizational Systems

How often have you thought about, or even worked at, making your business and organizational systems the best they could be?

This undoubletedly would be done in the full knowledge that your business success is linked with the quality of your organizational systems and processes. That is, in terms of the fundamental, more intrinsic aspects of the organizational systems and processes as they are integrated with the people or social systems.

You would have to adopt a holistic interrogation of the organizational systems and processes, underlined by key organizational development principles and values and facilitated by a versatile, high-perrforming organizational change and development process technology. In the process of this interrogation, review, and optimizatioon of your organizational systems, you would be looking at and developing appropriate or strategic metrics linked with making your business systems the best they could possibly be.

The 'total organization' development perspective and focus, which underpins the total organizational development framework, pays specific attention to key aspects of the total organization which is summarized in the PDF document you can download below.

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What You Could Have Done Better in Your Recent Organizationat Change and Development Intiative

Designing Organizational Change and Development

The planning and designing of your organizational development, change, leadership and culture programs would benefit from using a reflexive evaluation and learning process.

Perhaps, you had undertaken some organizational intervention projects in the last 5-7 years. You might start a review of the organizational change and development model and phases employed as to relevance, validity and strategic fit,—and how and when you planned for human factor-issues.

You might wish to reflect on whether there were a few success factors you would have considered:

  • Was the recent organizational development program based on, or triggered by, some strategic or burning challenges which the top management of the organization committed the program to?
  • Did those leading the organizational development project guide and direct it with an organizational development framework based on principles and core values linked to building high-performing culture or high-performance organization, and sustaining it?
  • Did they adopt clearly stated organizational development principles creating high performance?
  • Were specific elements or factors fostering organizational effectiveness or holistic organization development identified and adopted?
  • Did they have specific targets for specific aspects,—particularly on areas of business and organizational systems—together with people's actualizing attributes?
  • Making People Systems Fit for Purpose

    Facilitating Organizational Change and Development

    Designing and managing the organizational development project would involve making decisions on designing people-systems-strategy fit.

    For example, making design decisions on diagnosing, exploring, escalating, and planning for—and responding to—emerging and post-intervention challenges—or sustaining the desired organizational change. This would also involve exploring and planning for various outcomes of the organizational development project.

    The issues we have explored thus far, and similar ones, would be integral to the organizational development framework being used, and addressing them effectively and sustainably requires using a versatile, high-performing organizational development process technology—and, particularly, employed to facilitate change-themed organization workshops, roundtables and workouts to achieve and sustain desired results.

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