Organizational Development Concepts
Fostering effective organizational synergy and high performance

What Total Organization Development is About

Total organization development is about fostering and promoting the synergy of organizational and people's systems, subsystems, processes, interfaces and facets for lasting high performance.

The basic thrust of total organization development, called OD Synergy, is to help businesses and organizations integrate and align their human, managerial and organizational systems and processes for sustainable high performance,—using robust, insightful and research-based organizational development solutions, tools and technologies.

At the heart of total organization development is the 'total organization development principle', which is,

to simultaneously create effective synergy of personal excellence among the key people in an organization and foster excellence among the integrating elements of the organization.

Sustaining transformational organizational change, leadership, and high performance

Imperative of the Total Organization Development Perspective

What has organizational development practice in more than half a century shown?

Organizational development practice over the last 50 years has shown that:
1. Sustaining organizational development for transformational change requires being holistic,—particularly facilitating effective synergy of people's actualizing attributes and excellent organizational systems and processes.
2. The synergy should impact organizational behavior sustainably.
3. For sustainable impact on organizational behavior, we should focus on key organizational variables in structures, systems, technologies and processes,—and their functional interdependencies,—and simultaneously facilitate their effective synergy.

Creative imagination and organizational responsiveness

Organizational Development Definition for High Performance

In the context of the total organization, what is organizational development?

We see organizational development as the systematic and insightful process of understanding, reviewing, and transforming the systems and people of organizations synergistically for sustainable high performance, using imaginative research-based organizational behavioral processes, models, tools and technologies.

Optimizing systems' and people's actualizing attributes

Why Focus on Total Organization Development?

Focus on total organization development arose from the palpable realization that an organizational development program undertaken without careful exploration and analyzis of key people's actualizing attributes—integrated with high-performance organizational elements—would not achieve sustainable desired results.

Making organizational intervention failure proof

Key to High-Performance Organizational Development

What is the key to sustaining organizational development for high performance in a business or an organization? Sustaining transformational organizational change, leadership, and high performance, requires facilitating effective synergy of people's actualizing attributes and excellence in the organization's structures, systems, technologies, and processes. This is at the root of the high-performance organizational development formula.

Proactive collaboration and productive engagement.

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