OD Core Values
Values rooted in integrity and agility

Exploring Organizational Development Core Values
for Sustaining Organizational Leadership and Change

The total organizational development framework integrates organizational development cores values to sustain desired strategic results.

What core values would sustain organizational development, leadership and transformation in your business?

Which of the following core values do the organizational development consulting team or specialists you use embrace?

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Responsiveness
  • Innovativeness
  • Versatility
  • Excellence
Galvanizing core value


'Integrity' involves upholding uprightness, moral wholeness, transparency, and accountability in all transactions, interactions, and organizational interventions and engagements. Your business interests, needs and circumstances should define how this is manifested and focused upon in the organizational development approaches, methods and tools being used.

Using other core values rooted in integrity


What is the technical and professional forte of those leading the organizational development project? What is their expertise and how are they handling the project? They should have expertise in fostering effective synergy of people's actualizing attributes and integrating organizational facets in the process of total organization development.

There should be a commitment to facilitating the organizational development intervention to sustain a high-performing culture or the desired organizational change in your business. You should be able to count on the team to fulfill the commitmments they made to you at the onset of the intervention program.


Responsiveness to changing facts and realities as an organization development progresses is key. Your team or the organizational development specialists should demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness as they engage with your people.

Rooting for agility


Using a fresh pair of eyes to diagnose organization development challenges and opportunities your business faces so that it could move in the direction of sustainable high performance requires being imaginative and innovative—particularly taking advantage of organization insights developed from thorough total organization diagnosis. Such a step would inform—and be integrated with—the organizational development solutions, approaches and technologies.


Organizational development specialists should be well-informed about the field and keep abreast of developments and changes for agility and relevance. They should be renewing and upgrading their organizational development solutions and tools to serve their clients better even in discontinuous and extenuating circumstances. They should be able to adapt to your business needs and situation strategically. You could incorporate this core value of versatility in your organizational development team or when deciding on the organizational development specialists to engage.

Promoting sustained desired relevance and strategic focus


The organizational development project should deploy the highest level of technical and service standards and solutions. The organizational development team should endeavour to be the best they could be in order to give you the best in their niche. This core value also incorporates responsiveness because being responsive to the facts and realities in the organizational intervention process is one of the key steps towards demonstrated excellence.

Proactive collaboration and productive engagement.

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