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Using the Organizational Development Exchange Platform to Advance OD Practice and Business

The Organizational Development Exchange Platform at ODSynergy.Com

Using the organizational development exchange platform at, you could advance organizational development practice and business
to create and sustain high-performing organizations, cultures and teams— and to facilitate organizational leadership and transformation.

Partner and collaborate with us on ideas, insights, solutions and resources that advance the practice of organizational development for sustained organizational leadership, high-performance and transformation. Share and promote insightful and robust organizational development ideas, products and resources—including templates, inventories, diagnostics, analytics, white papers, books, guides, reports, notes, and research briefs on the Organizational Development Exchange Platform. Details are provided in the following sections.

Organizatiional Development Websites—OD Websites Link Exchange

Are you passionate about the resources you provide in the practice and business of organizational development?

Connect with us to submit the websites of your good-quality organizational development resources to the organizational development exchange platform.

We are interested in a few well-focused, content-rich and value-adding websites offering unique insight or imaginativeness in organizational development,—organizational assessment and effectiveness, organizational behavior, organization design or redesign, change management, culture building, team building, leadership development, human capital performance management systems, succession and talent management, and human resource systems review and development.

We welcome link exchange from organizational development programs in academia, professionals and relevant business and sevice providers in the field of organizational development. Interested users—with good quality, content-rich, and related websites—could submit their websites under a reciprocal link exchange regime. READ MORE.

We provide below links to various aspects of the Organizational Development Exchange Platform. Visit the webpages linked to the titles for details on the respective sections.

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Advertising, Featuring, and Promoting Your Organizational Development Products and Services
OD Products and Services Mall

Would you like to position your OD producs and services to reach organizations, businesses, and organizational development practitioners, academics, students and institutions that use ODSynergy.Com?

You can advertise and promote your promote your organizational development products and services on ODSynergy.Com at the Organizational Development Products and Services Mall.

Download our guidelines on advertsing and featuring your organizational development and human resource systems products and services on ODSynergy.Com: Download Advertising

Advertising Your Organizational Development and Related Job Opportunities
OD Job Opportunities Exchange

Post job opportunities—in organizational development, organization consulting, organization research, and academia—on the organizational development exchange platform.

You could submit job opportunities in such areas as organization design, organizational review and assessment, general management, strategy, human resource management and development, human resource systems review and development, human capital and performance management, succession and talent management, change management, culture building, team building, and leadership development.

To learn more on posting your organizational development and human resource job opportunties on ODSynergy.Com, Download Advertising

Contributing guest articles, blog and notes to advance OD practice
OD Synergy Digest

We welcome insights from organization research and organizational development practice. Depending on the nature ofcontribution, they can be featured under organizational development articles, organizational development blog or OD Synergy Digest. The OD Synergy Digest is the first place we would consider featuring unique insights, anecdotal materials, and short briefs that help foster organizational efectiveness, synergy or transformation.

Generally, we welcome organizational development partners, researchers, academics and professionals—particularly those advancing the organizational development discipline who want to submit, for consideration and publishing on ODSynergy.Com, organization research and development reports, articles, briefs, case lessons, blog posts and anecdotal items—including from organizational development practice, case work and projects, and in-house organizational development consulting.

Download our guidelines to learn more about submitting your organizational development related articles, research briefs, vignettes, case studies, exercises, case notes, and lessons of experience for possible publishing on ODSynergy.Com: Download Articles

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