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Imperatives of Teamwork Analysis

Fundamental Teamwork Analysis and Assessment for Effective Teamwork

As organizations become flatter in structure—by stripping out irrelevant layers and roles—and as they renew their processes and vitalize their technologies to gain competitive advantage, it becomes increasingly important to have successful, high-performing work teams.

Insightful and fundamental teamwork analysis, or teamwork assessment, is critical to effective team building.

It is at the heart of teamwork skills building, teamwork training, and team leadership development. Such teamwork assessment should reflect the strategic and operational situations of teams.

Fundamental teamwork analysis is critical to sustaining high performance in teams as long-term success of projects usually depends upon the quality of teamwork. Such teamwork analysis is part of an effective teamwork training—and is critical to gaining team members' commitment to team building.

Building teamness for strategic results

Fundamental Teamwork Inventory

It is imperative that teams or work groups periodically assess their level of teamness in order to see where improvement is needed.

Here's a simple fundamental teamwork inventory you could use in your business or organization.

The inventory is called ‘Analyze Your Teamwork for Success!’

Your internal organizational development and human resource specialists could use 'Analyze Your Teamwork for Success!' to conduct fundamental teamwork analysis across your business.

Analyze Your Teamwork for Success! comes in two complementary parts:

Part 1, called Teamwork Fundamentals (in PDF), covers teamwork fundamentals and team optimization exercises. This blueprint provides each team member the basic knowledge on the essence of high team performance as well as what they should be doing for ultimate team success.

Part 2, called Teamwork Inventory (in PDF), has two primary sections, helping your teams to analyze teamwork and develop a sense of commitment on team development for high performance.

A Leader Guide (in PDF) for facilitating the teamwork analysis is also included.

Price: US$8.0

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Shaping teamwork analysis

Fundamental Issues to Unravel in Effective Teamwork Analysis

Key Pillars of Effective Teamwork

Fundamental teamwork analysis should focus on the key pillars of effective and sustainable teamwork.

The key pillars of sustainable effective teamwork include: trust, a common sense of purpose, vibrant and productive communication, mutual respect, and constructive risk-taking behaviors.

The bedrock of teamwork is trust, and many of the other elements derive from, or are based on, it. People need to get used to one another before they could open up to others. Without trust, vibrant and productive communication is not possible. Yet without vibrant, productive communication, effective team interaction is not possible. Without effective team interaction, productive teamwork is not possible.

One primary way in which trust is manifested in a team is the level of tolerance displayed by team members. This involves tolerance of other members, and tolerance of the differences between each member. Effective teamwork requires that members transcend offense. They would have to seek ways to reconcile differences in a productive, healthy manner.

Focusing teamwork analysis

Fundamental Issues to Unravel in Effective Teamwork Analysis—2

Team Processes

Team processes—such as those involved in planning, decision making, and problem solving—should be factored into fundamental teamwork analysis. When these are neglected, taken for granted or unaligned to changing team circumstances, they are usually the root causes of ineffective or poor teamwork.

Organizational Context

Organizational context—together with team context—influences the degree of teamwork. It should be integrated in any teamwork assessment.

For effective teamwork to be sustained, the following organizational conditions must be met:

  • Commitment to team organization and teamwork by the top management
  • Prevalence of effective and healthy corporate team culture and team climate, and
  • Organizational empowerment of people working in teams or as teams

This may require doing a Strategic Team Context Analysis.

Towards Strategic Teamwork Training

Teamwork Analysis Integrated With Teamwork Training

Teamwork analysis is fundamentally integral to high-performance team building solutions.

The productive and sure way to sustain high performance in teams is objective, focused, and consistent review of team quality and teamwork for appropriate follow-through team intervention, including strategic teamwork training. Therefore, adminstration of fundamental teamwork inventory—and other strategic steps on insightful and fundamental teamwork analysis and assessment—should be followed by feedback, interactive sessions and team building workouts on improvement areas for effective and sustainable high performance. In this way, the teamwork analysis could provide the basis for formal high-performance teamwork training.

Proactive collaboration and productive engagement

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